Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shopping anyone?

Welcome to the old Kimba General Store
There are a lot of photos for this post. It was only a small building but it was packed to the rafters with all sorts of goodies. I have chosen the best of the photos, and this is probably only half of them.The walls and shelves are packed with memorabilia

A whole book of lace samples, sideways view!

Why do some images come out like this?

Fully packed shelves

Old time scales

Lolly jars complete with lollies

Take your pick

Spinning top

Tennis racquets

I am enjoying a few restful days now school is back. My hubby is away with his work until tomorrow morning so it is bliss.
Today I am going to get into the vegie garden and do some baking as I have caught up with the housework for now.
Something is eating my young seedlings so I have to set up some kind of covering for them. I think it maybe birds or as Scarecrow suggested, it might be earwigs! I shall be having a close look today, all that is left is stalks on my cucumbers and zucchini.

Beautiful weather at the moment, nice and cool. I believe it is warming up again by the weekend.
My middle daughter, 24, is visiting for a week or so and is arriving Saturday from Melbourne. It will be great to catch up with her again. She is coming home for one of her friend's wedding. We are supposed to be taking our son down to athletic's also this weekend so there is a busy time ahead of us.

Have a wonderful day


  1. I was wondering about your son's sports. Our daughter made it to regional and will competing on Friday. She will be home only to sleep tonight and off again for two days as she will have to stay overnight to be there on time!

  2. Another great lot of photos. Thankyou!!

  3. I'm sorry Tania, I was really impressed with this post yesterday and had a long comment, but blogger was half down at the time and it didn't work.

    I loved how Australia had Watkins once. My husband says he recognises the brands and bottles that I didn't.

  4. Oh these photos are fabulous. You have inspired me to in fact go back to my very favourite secret old town and take photos and post them. It has an old lollie shop still in action. And some of the shops are in National Trust. mmm
    But when there on my last "runaway" from society and the pressures of this life, I did buy some mini lollie jars to go with my mini house that I made in school yrs ago, that I am getting ready to post.

  5. I love the old fashion scales.

  6. I've only just come across your blog and it's wonderful!

    I love the photo of the old lotions and potions and note that they are in old style UK currency. I remember Aspros in the blue and pink packaging and, I think I can spot Virol on one of the shelves (used to have this when I was little).

    Anyway, must get on and read more!


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