Friday, October 17, 2008

Garden update

Some apple cucumber seeds have germinated, which is good news because the others have been eaten by a Shingleback Lizard. (pictures can be found on a previous post, Sleepy Sunday) I found one in the garden the other day so this solves the mystery of who ate the plants. I promptly removed the lizard and gave him a lecture about staying out of my garden and go eat some weeds elsewhere. He hasn't been back.......yet! I have laid water around for the lizards as there is an awful lot of them here at the moment and they seem to be looking for moisture, because of the drought.

I shall transfer these after the weekend.

Finally I have planted the butternut pumpkin (thanks Linda for reassuring me it is okay now to plant these).

The silverbeet is doing well, cant wait until this is fully grown as my chooks are hanging out for some green. I bought a bunch of spinach for them the other day, cost me $4.00. Vegie prices are sky rocketing. All the more reason for growing your own.

Capsicums are also coming along. These are the green variety as this is all my son will eat, personally I like the red ones.

The Basil is thriving in amongst the tomato plants. I needed some of this for a recipe last night but had to buy some as they aren't big enough yet.

Poor last Zucchini. I planted four of these and they were growing fantastically until they were chomped. Only stalks left on the others, but they seem to be re-shooting again now.

The stalk is all that remains of three of the Zucchini plants.

Tomato plants will need staking up shortly as the wind is knocking them around a bit. I am going to try the same as A Vision Splendid has used.

I have planted the Strawberries in hanging baskets this year. Another idea from
A Vision Splendid. Hopefully they do well. At least I can hang these away from the lizards as they just love strawberries as much as we do.

What is in flower at the moment? A lovely red bottlebrush, this provides much needed shade for the chooks.

I'll call this a small white bottlebrush, but I think it is actually a tee tree.

If you know what plant this flower belongs to, could you let me know. I get asked what this plant is, but I have no idea.
Very warm day here. 33 degrees Celcuis (91.4F) with lots of sunshine. I went outside earlier and the sun was very bitey, I think it may be hotter than they have forecast. It is meant to be 34C tomorrow and we will be going to Adelaide. We are taking our son to see the Super Motocross tomorrow night, then checking out what we can find at the markets on Sunday morning before taking our son to Athletics in the afternoon. The athletics are held at Henley Beach so hopefully it is cool by then.

Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend and I will be back next week.


  1. Your veges are looking good.It must be hard to keep every thing going in the heat though....
    I have that plant, Mum gave it to me with some agapanthas I think she said it was a spider plant, I'll have to ask her when she gets back..
    I am going to check out A vision splendid now.
    have a great week end.

  2. Hi Tania, I found your blog by visiting Aussie Coffee Shop. It's a lovely blog. I also love visiting the outback (not sure if I could live there forever but like the feel of it). I must pop in to visit you more often.
    Ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  3. Hot here too. Your garden is an inspiration.

  4. Your vegies look like they are doing well but I was just wondering what type of water you have is it bore?? Hope you had a good weekend away with your family

  5. Caroline,

    We have River Murray water, with restrictions, also have rainwater in storage for use in the garden and for drinking.



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