Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the boys (and girls)

After a busy weekend, I have finally found a moment to do a post in blogland. It has been go, go, go since we got back from Adelaide. I should probably be doing something else more constuctive right now but it can wait.

We left for the City Saturday morning. The weather was hot with home being 37C (98.6F) and Adelaide 34C (93.2F).

We had to call into Port Pirie on the way to pick up our pre paid SuperX tickets. The car was playing up a bit, coughing and spluttering from time to time and we agreed it must have been a bad batch of fuel, as it wasn't doing it before filling up.

We arrived safely and went straight to see the motorbikes in action as they started at 3pm and went until 7pm.

Heading through the city to the Wayville Showgrounds
On the way down,
hubby pulled into Snowtown to show us this wind generator blade. Those things are huge. I think they are setting it up for display, because the new wind farm will be officially opened soon. The train line goes right past and hubby had seen it on an earlier trip on the train.

My son getting a workout at the LA squad on Sunday. Luckily the weather was cooler and it was held at Henley Beach where it was nice and breezey.

Dear son listening close to one of the coaches, and learning about how to get a good start to a race. They practiced the crouch start and standing starts. My son is second in the picture preparing to start and listening to the coach. I was unable to get too close for this photograph as we thought we weren't allowed to, but it turns out we were able to go out to watch and listen, but we didn't know this until we asked an official.

And to the Supercross

Very noisey, but fun.
You don't have to be crazy to do these stunts but it helps if you are!

I always think of the poor mothers of these boys, I'm sorry but I wouldn't be able to watch if it were my son on these bikes. Mind you he says he wants to have a go at it. Got some bad news for him!

This is who my son wanted to see. Anyone who follows motocross and supercross will know who this is. Chad Reed. He is the world champion at this sport and he is from NSW, but lives in America.

He won all the races he competed in, including the final which he won by a long way. This picture is of Chad Reed way out in front in one of his races.
Upon arriving home at 7pm I had to fly around doing washing, ironing, school lunches etc ready for school and work the next day. On Saturday my daughter arrived home from Melbourne as well, so this week I have been taking her shopping for an outfit for the wedding on Saturday. Not sure if she has completely decided what to wear yet. I have also had my grandson to look after and drop to Kindy while his mum works.
Monday night I had a training for Family Day Care to attend. I will be starting back part time next week as they are desperate for carers. Not sure what I think about that yet, I guess
I could use the money to put away for my son's private school fees next year, and contribute some more to the mortgage and hopefully get it paid off asap. This is our only debt, so to get it fully paid for would be a bonus.
I have decided to give the Liver Cleansing Diet a go. I went on it a few years back and felt so much better, but slowly I have gone back to my old habits. I will post more about the diet in another post. If anyone has had results with this diet I would be keen to hear about it.
I had better go and start organising our dinner now,
Have a great day,


  1. My daughter went with a teacher to regional. The teacher told my husband she couldn't take photos. Apparently someone had walked through discus the time before, so they had to stay back a bit.

  2. Glad you had a great time at the motor cross, showed my 10 @5 yr old your photos ccccoooooolllllllll was there response. We to are a motorbike family, my eldest boy had a go at motor cross and tricks and broken bones too. Thank goodness he's married now and dosn't have time.

  3. Great motocross photos my family enjoyed them to.

  4. I did family day care when we lived in Adelaide. I have thought about doing it here but the paperwork in Adelaide was over the top. It puts me off a bit. Is the paperwork still crazy?

  5. Yes Terese the paperwork is probably more crazy now. In my opinion the rules are way over the top too. My home feels like a childcare centre and now with the new government family day care has all the same policies, paperwork etc as the big centres. I do love the job though and enjoy seeing the children having fun.

  6. I look forward to hearing more about the diet. Spectacular photos.


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