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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yesteryear club

I have mentioned in a previous post about my Dad's hobby. He loves old tractors the most, but anything old is good. He spends most of his retirement time collecting and restoring old machinery for the Yesteryear club he started a few years ago. I think they have 30 plus members now, so it is great that his idea has been succussful.

The harvester below was lovingly restored by my Father with the help of the local high school children as part of their lessons. This took about three years to complete, and it has turned out great.

This is a photo of the machinery (junk) shed at the Yesteryear club. Most of the buildings at the club have been donated and recycled by the members. The toilet area was constructed by my dad using stuff that people threw out to the local recycle depot (dump). This included the toilet, basin, a box or two of new tiles, a window and a door. The clubroom was also built from recycled stuff, including things like table and chairs, cupboards etc. I forgot to include pictures of these, I will get them next time.

These pics are of a couple of photos on display using the some of the equipment that has been restored. A pretty good year that year by the looks of the crop they are reaping.

A truck waiting for some TLC. Dad said this is a recent addition to the club.

This is my Dad's next project, doesn't look like much does it? But by the time Dad has finished with it though, it will look like new. That's my dear Dad in the background.

Couldn't help but capture this picture of my Dad's dog Paddy digging for mompey's (mice). Mompey is a nick name that West Coast people use for mice. Sorry not a very elegant picture.

This is a Sunshine header in waiting. My Dad's favourite brand of machinery. A few years ago when we were in Melbourne we took photos in the suburb of Sunshine where this machinery was made. There is not much there now, just a timber shed with a plaque on it.

This years crop of wheat planted by the club. Money from the crops goes toward funding and running the club and to buy any more machinery. In the background you can see that it is pretty dry and there is also a motocross track.

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  1. I liked seeing the word Sunshine too. I am wondering now about the name on my family's wool press. I liked it.

    I would love to see photos of the recycled projects that you spoke of.

    We have a great tip too. I have reused a basin as well. We loved looking in tips at our hometown but then we weren't allowed to after awhile.

  2. Wow, and wow again. How resourceful and what history. That is inspirational. I think a magazine like "Country Style" would love to hear about this sort of thing....especiallly all the community involvement.

  3. Hello Linda,

    I thought you might like to see this post. I didn't get to photograph all the restored things that Dad has, but I will when time allows.

    Hey, it's handy when the manager of the tip is also a member of the club, and my Dad also takes his turn at the tip when the manager is away.

    It is inspirational isn't it, hill upon hill? My Dad might not have gone far with school but he sure knows how to put his hands to good use. He was the best mechanic in our district and was always going to local farms fixing machinery. He is very resourceful and he has a good laugh at what he achieves, almost proud. I was telling my son how poppa once made a boat out of steel so the sharks couldn't bite it, I don't think he could beleive it.

  4. These are great photos. I love that your dad is a lovely man. I love the photos of the machinary in action. They look great. I love old Australian photos of farm machinary in yesteryear that I wish was still in the here and now.

  5. What a great post, your Dad is a very telented man.You said that the school is involved as well with helping, that is something that I bet those children will never forget. And who knows what will come from that.
    I loved the photos of the machinery, as from getting things from the tip, a man after my own heart....

  6. What a wonderful way to give back to the community after retirement. Great to see that he enjoys it so much.

  7. I love the fact that I come across so many people on my blogs looking after yesterday as well as the tomorrows.


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