Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Pioneer House

We spent the weekend at my parents place in Kimba, 1 1/2hours drive west. It was their turn to open up the museum on Sunday so I took the opportunity to take some photos.
The pioneer house.....this was moved to the museum and rebuilt exactly as it was.

The entrance gate

under the front verandah......some milk/cream separators

and the laundry area at one end

Inside we entered the kitchen area.........

Also in the same room.....this is only a two room cottage

a cool safe

This room also doubled as the lounge room....

The kitchen dresser....

The inside ceiling which is made of wheat bags...

The other room.........bedroom

Baby in the corner

The wardrobe.....

The ceiling in the bedroom, you can see where the wheat bags were joined

A cot for an older child. (sorry this picture insisted on going in sideways)

So there you are, I wonder how many of us could live like this nowadays. I guess if we had to, we would.
It was a beautiful day here today, 25 degrees Celcuis (77 F). The weekend is going to be hot again. Time to clean the pool I think.


  1. I love visiting older homes and seeing their homeliness and how they have used simple things to create shelter and comfort. It has been so lovely and cool here but I am sure we are also heading into a warm weekend.

  2. I love cream separators.

    We also have a little house at the back of our local museum. It looks beautiful on the outside, but I haven't been inside. It is called The Jarvis Homestead.

  3. Great Photos I love seeing old historical houses and the way people lived.

  4. love love love it!!!!!
    My dad is a historian and he's collected this type of stuff all my life. And I just love it. I grew up in a old gold mining town where my parents still live and my dad has built himself an old miners hut, with all the gear. He intends to live out there oneday...

  5. Hi there! Nice to "meet" you. I am so pleased you visited my blog because I hadn't seen yours before and I LOVE IT!!!


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