Saturday, November 22, 2008

Books and me

Look what arrived in the mail a couple of days ago, some Day Care goodies. I ordered these free items through and I just paid the postage. Go take a look they offer FREE STUFF! I also got a free magnet for my car to advertise my business.

These are some new additions to my book collection. I had to buy another copy of The Liver Cleansing Diet book because middle daughter took my copy back to Melbourne with her. She is giving the diet a go as she has a lot of stomach troubles. I think she has worked out that she maybe lactose intolerant.
I will be starting this diet soon as I found that last time that I was on it I felt better and had plenty of energy and I also lost some weight. That was three years ago, and slowly the weight is creeping back on. I am having circulation problems in my left leg so shall have to shed some kilos. The diet lasts 8 weeks and then you can slowly add things back into your diet. Be warned, it is not a very exciting diet when you first look.

To read the back cover, click on the picture to enlarge, maybe this book may be able to help you too.

The Commensense Cookery Book, first published in 1914. Recipes are basic and easy and I seem to have the ingredients needed in my pantry which is a bonus. Modern day recipes use ingredients that I don't necessarily have on hand. A very thick book with 378 pages

Debt free, Cashed up and Laughing, The cheapskates way to living the good life. Full of money saving ideas for the budget conscious. Already I have put into practice some of the ideas suggested within. Lots of green housekeeping recipes in this book. A must read.

Wishing you a great weekend.



  1. Like the sound of Debt Free, Cashed Up and Laughing .. hope you share some of the money saving ideas with us!

    You have a good weekend too.

  2. I've got the Liver Cleanse book and it's wonderful. I need to bring it out again and see if I can't start shedding my few kilos. (okay, more than a few, but I'm not saying how many !)
    It's always great to get freebies, isn't it !

  3. Good luck with your diet!


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