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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend at our place

A fairly busy weekend for us here, starting with Friday night soccer. My son's team won again, 2 goals to 1 but the match didn't start until 8.30pm. Late night by the time we got home and wound down. They have played 7 games and won 4. It may seem strange that soccer is being played over Summer, but I think it is to do with the Aussie rules season, as a lot of the soccer players also play football. Soccer is played on Friday nights when it is cooler.

Saturday we went to a nearby country city, Whyalla to do some Christmas shopping and chose out some clothes for the year seven's graduation on the 11th of December. My baby is growing, off to high school next year. Whyalla is about 40 minutes driving time from here.

Today was spent at Little Athletics this morning, early start at 8.30am. I had washing to do when we got home and then we had some visitors come around for a few hours. I had grocery shopping to do, that is getting more expensive every time I shop. We even got to have a swim in our pool. The temperature of the water was 31C. (87.8F) The outside temperature was 30C.

I have ironing waiting for me, I did start it but didn't get finished. Probably should be doing it instead of sitting here at the computer!

For dinner we had some snapper fillets, garlic prawns (yum) cooked by me. (I will post the recipe later), homemade chips and salad.

The garden needed watering so while I was out there I took some more pictures of what is happening in our backyard. It is so nice to see things looking so good after the rain.

Gum tree flowering and birds nesting in the same tree.

Some young figs. This is the white flesh variety.

Our grape vines are loaded with fruit.

So are the nectarine trees, the branches touching the ground with the weight of the fruit.

A little wee mandarine.

Our first Olive, we have two trees and they were planted about five years ago. I hope there are some more on there somewhere, my hubby can't wait, he loves them.

Capsicums by the dozen.

Teeny weeny cucumbers.

One of the many oranges developing on the tree.

My turn to wash the Strikers soccer guerneys. They are not needed for another two weeks as the teams are taking a break next week because the local Christmas Pageant is on next Friday.

Another busy week ahead, life gets pretty hectic for everyone this time of year. Christmas seems to come around more often now.

I have decided not to put my Christmas tree up until there are twelve days to Christmas this year. I have also cut down on the money spent on presents.

x Tania


  1. Hi Tania loved the garden photos.

    Did you know "the twelve days of Christmas" is actually the time between Christmas and the Epiphany on January 6th hope you aren't going to wait that long!! That is why traditionally you put up the decorations early and the tree on Christmas Eve. It is the crowing glory to the four weeks of Advent preparation.


  2. Thank you for the information daisymum7.

  3. Your vegetable garden puts me to shame, espec. as your conditions are harsher than ours.

  4. the garden looks good Tania.

    Steve loves olives too. I am looking forward to reading your garlic prawns recipe. I haven't ever tried to cook them myself.

  5. Therese,

    You won't believe how easy the recipe for garlic prawns is.

    Will post recipe very soon.


  6. Gorgous green garden, and gorgous back yard. I love those clotheslines so much.


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