Saturday, November 1, 2008


A precious sight.

My daughter, Talia has had a couple of exciting days with her horses. This little colt was born only last night, and so far every thing is fine and he appears healthy. She has nicknamed him Matty.

This little bloke was born Thursday night and is also doing well. Another colt named Danny for now. Pictured here with Talia.
Having a drink

With protective mum. I was safely on the other side of the fence.

A sad sight is our dear dog Millie. She has injured her back for the second time in three years. Poor thing can't walk at all. Has no strength in her hind quarters. Last time this happened it was three weeks until she could walk. She has had xrays and we have anti inflammatory tablets to give her. The xrays showed she has now got arthritis in her hind legs. When she needs to go to the toilet we have to carry her from here to a place on the dirt. The playpen around her is to stop her moving around too much as she recovers. Millie is only 9 years old with a beautiful nature, she absolutely idolises our son, who was four when we got her. Hopefully all goes well again this time around and she fully recovers.


  1. Oh sad news about Millie. What a gorgous looking dog. Poor Millie not being able to walk. That is so sad, I hope she recovers too. Great news about the adorable little colt. Horses are beautiful creatures. It looks like Millie is being cared for beautifully.

  2. Wow, so similar but one has a white blaze.

    You are so good with the dog.


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