Thursday, November 27, 2008


There is a bad storm brewing outside from the north. A severe weather forcast has been issued so I am hoping to get this done before the electicity goes out and I will need to shut down the computer. Lightening and thunder all about, and it's starting to spit with rain. There are some wicked storms around this year.

Last weekend I made the decision to start getting rid of stuff. I can't believe all this has been cluttering up my house. I shall give away most of these to friends or hold one big garage sale a bit later. I am storing all the 'stuff' out in the rumpus room until I am finished inside, then sort through what I have collected or made over the last few years. My son commented that the place is bare (bear).

And this is only the beginning. This weekend I shall be starting in the cupboards and pantry. I don't get to do too much through the week as daycare is keeping me busy.

I forget the name of these, I call them 'trumpet' plant.

This was the sunset two nights ago.

How the garden has grown with all the rain we have had and the humidity that has been around all week. The capsicums are flowering.

So are the cucumbers, even have some baby ones on the vine.

The zucchini is a bit slow only because they were eaten by sleepy lizards(shingleback) earlier on when they were seedlings. I have a teeny zucchini on this one.

Silverbeet growing well and the chooks enjoying a bit of green.

The butternut pumpkin has also been slow to take off, but they are away now producing some flowers.

I picked our first tomato a couple of days ago, hopefully many more to come. Although the vines are showing signs of 'curly leaf' as I know it. May have to go to the garden centre and get some fresh plants growing.

We are off to my son's school concert tonight if it is not cancelled due to the weather. I shall go out and see after I am finished here.

This is what I see from my front window everyday. I draw the curtains as I like to have a lot of light inside. This is the lounge window and it is dirty, these windows are a pain to clean.

Hope you are all well, and those of you that aren't I hope you feel better soon.
x Tania

Update: Went out for the concert at son's school and they decided to cancel it until Tuesday next week. There was a bit of lightening, thunder and rain around. When we got home the wind dropped and the clouds cleared away to reveal a beautiful blue sky. So quickly the weather can change. Oh well, let's hope Tuesday holds out okay.


  1. That's a lovely view from your window. My garden is a terrible mess at the moment so no nice view here. My windows need cleaning too!

  2. Ahhh... it's a good feeling to cut some of the clutter isn't it? I wish I could find the time to do it, but most of mine seems to be daycare related. :o(

    One of my dc children was killed in a bike accident yesterday, so it's going to be a very quiet day around here today. Still working.. but it will be a very low key day.

  3. Golly wogs this way - i am happy to buy them!!! I am not into dolls and bears but I love gollywogs and i ahve a couple of little boys who would love to have one on their beds.

    the plant is a Hippeastrum and your vegetables look greatbut look at that great red earth full of nutrients and hopefully soon some water.

    keep safe


  4. We were suppose to go to Madeline's school concert last night too but it was canceled.

    Good luck with your garage sale.

    The weather was unbelievable last night. We couldn't get over how quickly it changed.

    Your garden looks great. We haven't got any tomatoes yet but they are on the way. Our zucchini is close to being ready to pick and our capsicums look the same as yours.


  5. I love decluttering. All those things look sweet though, someone will really appreciate receiving them...

    Cold and windy here.

  6. Great photos, I have also been de-cluttering, going to do dh's closet this weekend!!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. I think that was the day my son and I were cooking tea a bit later than we had the day before, and I thought the power would go out before we had heated something in the oven.

    We had storm like weather since, and did get off the computer a few times. Our UPS battery needs replacing. It works very well.

  8. That is no good tatersmama.

    The vegetables are going really well Tania.

  9. What a beautiful view out your window. I love storms but definitely need to be with someone when they come about. They remind me of the good ol days out on the farm. Bringing in the bikes, closing anything that makes excessive noise, locking the doors etc etc.


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