Thursday, November 20, 2008

We Remember Them - Frank Kernot Martin

Frank Kernot Martin

1887 - 1917

In Memory of Frank Kernott Martin, one of my ancestors on my Grandmother's side of the Family. This was her uncle.

Sadly Frank died along with many other young men a long way from his home. The death certificate says he died in hospital of gas poisoning. His body remains in France.

A man full of hope and dreams

I found his name on the wall at the Canberra War Memorial, I had a little cry even though I didn't know him.

Roll of Honour

In Memory of Private Frank Kernot Martin

These pictures are taken from my collection of ongoing family history that I am researching. At the moment the information and photos are kept in folders.
(I missed doing a post on Remembrance Day because I was a long way from my home)

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  1. Hi Tania
    I'm researching my family history too and I've also shed a few tears for ancestors who've died at war or babies and young children. It's an enthralling hobby though isn't it!

    Kind regards, Kylie :-)


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