Monday, November 24, 2008

Vastness of our country, Australia

The pictures were taken at the top of the Communications tower at Cook on the Nullabor.
Hubby saw the opportunity to get these photos from some Telstra workers that were working on the new mobile phone installation. At the moment there is no mobile signal accross the Nullabor, but this will soon be a thing of the past. This will only be available along the railway line though.
Anyway back to my story, hubby asked the workers if they would take some photos from the top of the tower for him and this is the result.
See the slight curvature of the earth in these photos.
Brilliant in everyway!!

This is Cook 90metres above the ground. Dry and barren country in very remote Australia. You can see where the old houses used to be and where the current house are. To the right is the old school.

Looking West with the Cook airstrip where the Flying Doctor lands regularly. The railway line running east - west. The longest dead straight stretch of railway line in the world from 1917, starts just east of Watson, South Australia and ends at Nurina, Western Australia, total distance 477 kilometres in a straight line, and I mean a straight line.

Looking North, see the curvature?
The lower right corner used to host the Cook hospital but that is long gone now.

90metres above the ground looking straight down, I feel sick just looking at it. Hubby is standing behind the ute on the ground, looking like a tiny ant.

Our winter supply of wood. Hubby has been working hard chopping and splitting this for the past few days. (sigh)

This should keep us warm for a while. All organised, one job less to worry about.

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  1. Great pics...
    I liked all of them except the one looking straight down. Then my head went "wooooooooo" and my stomach dropped!
    Beautiful countryside though. :o)
    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Wow that is extraordinary. Very overwhelming from the top. I just love the dry heat of Australia. I just love it. dirt and wheat blowing in the wind large gum trees. It is just bliss.

  3. My head wooooooo too!! Didnt realise a photo could do that to someone.

  4. those are great shots, glad I wasn't up there though taking them!!

    Gill in Canada

  5. Amazing photos, fancy having to work that high of the ground. I love the way you can see the curve in the earth, never seen anything like that before.

  6. Now I understand when you wrote about the 'dust' coming in the house...Now I too got a bit dizzy looking down from that tower,,lol. Seriously. That is just too high for me,,lol


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