Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rain, glorious rain

We awoke to beautiful rain falling this morning. We have received 18millimetres (72pts), at long last.
It started to rain in the early hours of the morning and continued on until about 9am.
We haven't had rain like this in about four years, a nice steady soaking. We have the occasional downpours though. The vegies are enjoying it, in a few days time the water will be all gone because of the sandy soil, the moisture just disappears very quickly.

But for now we make the most of it.

It may be a long time before we get some more. The seasons seem to be late this year.
Life is keeping me busy this week trying to get things done, plus working as well.


  1. Hi Tania. I was going to say we haven't had any, but we had a small amount this afternoon, very small.

  2. Tania, hi, I live in the Pacific North West, it rains here year around, it used to be front page news if it didn't rain for 30 days. Hence we have lots of trees, and flowers and home gardens as well. I love the rain almost as much as I like snow which we don't get a lot of. Enjoy the rain. TTFN

  3. From your photos Tania you still have a fantastic garden despite your lack of water. My week is like yours this week lots to do plus work.
    Have a great day Caroline


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