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Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hello again,
It's been a while since I was last here. The weather has been terrible. Today our temperature is 42 degrees Celsuis (108 F) and we are in the middle of a record breaking heat wave. It has been hot all last week and this coming week is going to be the same with temperatures forcast for 40 degrees (104 F) every day until next Saturday. eeeekkk! I suppose it is good for the solar power though, not so good for me. No rain in sight for a while, so the drought continues on.
The following pictures are of some visitors I have had recently.

It would appear that this certain chook has taken a liking to us humans.
She is standing at the door getting some cool air from the air conditioning in the heat.
This is her favourite spot for laying her eggs. Poor thing is puffing showing how hot it is here. I collect one egg a day from this little cubby house located outside under a shaded area.

Another visitor taking a break from the heat. This Wanderer butterfly landed on the screen door to get some cool air.

A very thirsty lizard. See the tongue.

This is known a Shingleback lizard. Similar to the blue tongue lizard (I call them "sleepy lizards") This one wandered in while I was watering.

Having a drink, you can see his tongue if you look hard.

Standing in the water.
Having a look around for any dangers.
It is Adelaide Cup day tomorrow and it is going to be very hot. The race has been delayed until later in the afternoon. In South Australia we get a public holiday for this event. We have a short week for the next three weeks, due to public holidays including Easter.
Enjoy your Sunday.