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Saturday, December 30, 2017


Ten years ago today I started writing here on this little blog.

Thank you for joining me along this journey. 

In 2007, I had no idea how long or where this blog would go, but I have met some wonderful people through my words here and I have even been fortunate enough to meet a few of you in real life.  Without your input this blog wouldn't be what it is today.

There have been times I thought I would stop writing, but here I am ten years on, and although writing has become a lot less consistent, I am still here.  

I have seen many blogs come and go in this time.  Some of them I really miss reading, but there have been plenty of new bloggers to take their place.

Rhonda @downtoearth blog was my initial inspiration for blogging and she continues to inspire me everyday. I have followed her writings from the very beginning. Thanks to Rhonda, I have made it onto the Top 100 Simple Living Blogs, (along with many of my favourite blogs) so I had better up my game! 

The good news is I will be back in 2018.  I want to post more simple living posts in the coming year. With the theme of getting back to basics, you will see more recipes, frugal tips and ideas, maybe a few crafty bits and pieces, and of course the usual updates of what is going on around here.

So on that note I will wish you all a fantastic New Year celebration and will see you very soon.

In between blog posts you can find me here on Instagram or I am in the process of starting an Out Back facebook page.