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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's HOT!

Blogger is not being nice to me today. 

I have tried to download twenty plus photos, but they wont publish for some reason, so here are just a few...

As you can see it is very hot here.
49C (120F)
and it will be like this all week.  

There will be a slight bit of relief on the weekend but hot again next week.

Trying my best to protect the veggies...

 Seems to be helping...

Not a pretty sight though :)

I have made some tomato relish...

And we are picking our nectarines.  Because of the heat they are a little early this year.  I am stewing these and putting in the freezer...

Not much happening here on the home front.  Too HOT to do much at all.

Hope you are safe and well where you are.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

In the basket today...

Today's pickings...


Fifteen carrots, four sweet potatoes, bunch celery and kale, eight capsicum and one cucumber.

Happy Days J


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Garden update

Well we survived the heat wave.  It is a tad cooler here today, but oh so humid

The remnants of Cyclone Christine have arrived!
38C (100.4F) today.
We are expecting strong winds but not much rain...
just a little bit of rain would keep me and my garden happy J

The black clouds are building.

 Millie found a cool spot to lay yesterday.

The temperature reached 46.3C (115F) which was better than the 50 degrees we were expecting. 
Mind you some areas north of us did get that hot!

Here is the garden this morning...

Most of it is still alive...
I did have to water several times during the day yesterday though.  
We definitely couldn't have gone away anywhere.

 Dwarf beans and rock melon.

 Dwarf beans.


 Sweet potato.

 Burpless cucumber.

The first one for the season.

This struggles in the heat and now it has aphids on it.

More sweet potato, with basil.

 The last of the tomatoes.

 Still picking the tiny toms.

Watermelon, beetroot and potatoes.



Very sad looking zucchini plants, 
they are not liking this weather at all.

Too hot for tomatoes!


 This is the Queensland Blue variety.

 Pumpkins everywhere.

Rhubarb and celery.

Bright butternut flower.

We will soon have figs.

Next seasons oranges.

 And mandarins.

Too hot and dry for grapes,
They really struggle.
We should probably stop trying to grow these as we never get any fruit from them.


These nectarines will be ready around the middle of January.

Wishing everyone a great day! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday break J