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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have been absent because...
there have been
Picking, cooking, packing away in the freezer for some enjoyment later.
I was going along nicely until the weather changed, (from cyclone Yasi) just as the majority of the nectarines were ripening. Hubsy was at work so it was left to me to pick the rest of the crop, hopefully before all the rain and humidity ruined them. I saved most but threw a lot away (the chooks had a feast). I invited my friend to come around and pick some too.
It didnt take long for this to happen...
I had nectarines lying everywhere trying to dry them out, to which I had great success. but the moisture still managed to get inside many of the fruit.
There were so many nectarines that I ran out of freezer room and had to give some of the stewed ones away.
We didn't preserve them this year as we have plenty still left over in the cupboard from the last crop.
my daughter brought me some plums...
I cooked these whole and froze them also.
These plums have so much flavour...YUM!
Then my dear friend Wendy gave me a box of tomatoes,
It took me a few days to get going but i eventually made some...
tomato relish
end result was 13.5 jars of relish
A couple of sunsets from the past week, cant help but share as they are so pretty.
They have been a lovely orange/pink which means Autumn is on it's way.
I think Summer has skipped by us this year with not too many very hot days.
We have had plenty of rain with more coming later today and tomorrow.
I have been cutting my computer time down lately as I need to get moving to shift this weight, and sitting too long at the computer is not helping. Have also been catching up on jobs (cleaning/tidying) that really needed doing around here. So I am still here only a little quieter, popping on briefly to catch some of my favourite blogs and getting off. I must move myself from here now and go for my walk while it is still cool.
There is a life outside these four walls and I need to go and find it.

My fitness and health is still going well,
I have lost another 1.6kg, so that is 5kg all up. Not far to go to my ideal weight now and I must do this. I have plenty of energy from all the good food I am consuming.

Hope all is well with you and your families.

Take care,