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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

here and there

Hello and welcome everyone.

We had a busy week last week with a trip to the city to take the 4wd down to have some work done on her.  We headed off in the early hours of Wednesday morning and it was pouring rain. I was a little disappointed to have missed out on seeing it fall and flood our road. I couldn't take photos to show you other than these two...

Although blurry, you can see how much water was around. This was the road as we left home.

Here we are on the highway. It rained all the way to Port Wakefield and was quite heavy at times. You can see hubby driving in front of me. The sky was very dark.

Once we dropped the vehicle off, our friend picked us up and we went out to lunch {Tania doesnt drive in the city}, then he took us back to where our other car was parked.  

The next day we did some shopping and took advantage of the cheaper prices while in Adelaide.

This was the veggie haul we brought home. We found a couple of cheap green grocers so stocked up on veggies. The pre-bagged items like cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, were $1.00 a bag. Packham pears were .49c a kilo! These vegetables aren't the perfect size or quality for the supermarket, but they are perfect for me. I don't care what they look like so long as they taste good.

We purchased jars for our new venture into vegetable fermention.

Another thing I bought in Adelaide was a hotel for our native bees. I will locate this out in the orchard in Spring. I hope to make my own one of these soon.

Someone is enjoying the warmth of the sun...

Look what the rain did!  Aren't they cute?

This pretty tiny native daisy is flowering, it comes back year after year.

Out back the clean up has begun...

This is the site where the new greenhouses are going to be.

Wood has been chopped and the bushes burned.

Then the digger was brought in to level off. 

And now it is almost ready for the building to commence.

Chrysanthemum bloom...


The water is back in the lake.

Just sitting here with my coffee...

Taking it all in...

Work is happening on the caravan. Hubby is wiring up for our solar panel.

He found this flame gadget very helpful. I think it is called a hot devil torch?  We have holidays coming up at the end of July, so soon we will be preparing for travel once again.

These drone photos were taken by hubby on Sunday.  

The magnificently painted Wirrabara silos! 

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Aerial shot of the Wirrabara markets. 

While at the markets, it was lovely to meet Jo, a regular reader here. She recognised my face and introduced herself. Hi Jo!

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor and nature

The hills above Horrocks Pass on the way home.

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Image may contain: sky, mountain, grass, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: mountain, sky, cloud, plant, outdoor and nature

That's all for now. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

See you all soon.

Monday, June 17, 2019

monday morning


Good morning from my little part of the world.

Just popping in to say hello and let you know all is well.

I am playing catch up after a really busy week of toing and froing, here, there and everywhere. This is what always happens when hubby has a few days off from work. We squeeze a lot into those days!

The good news is, we had rain...52mm (2 inches) in fact. The countryside has been transformed. The rain water tanks are once again full, and we can breathe a sigh of relief...

There was not been a lot of time for blogging with all this busyness, but I will be back to posting this week.

See you soon,


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Random pics ~ the ones that dont make it

Good evening friends,

I take a lot of photos, but not all get published on here. So I thought I would do this post with some of the photos that don't always make it...They are in no particular order.

One of my roses. The plants are still small, but the blooms are getting bigger and prettier...

A chocolate cake I made for my daughters birthday back in May...I used Mimi's recipe for "Best ever chocolate cake".

The gift I received from my daughter in law for Mother's day...

Homemade biscuits.

And some flowers from them both.

 A healthy rise on a sourdough loaf...

A photo of my sons x-ray of his teeth.  As you can see on the bottom, his wisdom teeth are definitely going to cause him problems, so he has to have them out. He has decided to get all four removed...ouch!

Golden syrup pudding using Annabel's recipe...

Morning walk...

Pretty tablecloth, op shop find...

Another op shop find. A lovely sideboard runner in perfect condition and perfect fit.

I picked one fig off a tree I have in a pot...


Just because...

A meal cooked on top of the fire.

New border on an old blanket...

Free acrobats from my back yard...

New babies were born...

Two baby sleepy {shingleback} lizards...they looked so cute with one of his legs wrapped over the other one. Only a few hours old here.  They look bigger than they actually are, probably only 5-6 inches long. A bit hard to see them properly in the shadows. These stayed around for about a week then disappeared. Hopefully after Winter I will see them again...

Tempting them with food.

 Food...bean burgers ready for the freezer.


Knitted this cutie at Easter time.

I see you...

Hubby has an addiction!

A gift from Annabel, as exchange for a soap saver...

A gift I crocheted for my daughters birthday.

Getting creative for the gift cupboard.

Unusual cloud formation just before strong wind and dust storm...the dust can be seen at the bottom of the cloud.

The best sound there is...

That s all for tonight folks.

See you soon,