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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The year to get fit and healthy

I have decided that now is the time to get fitter and healthier. In less than two years I will be 50 years old, I cant believe it, not already, NO!!!

This year is the right time to change the way I live. I am going to be eating healthy, exercising more, taking care of me. I want to be a healthy person as I approach middle age, and hopefully it will keep me out of the doctors surgery and live out the rest of my life with few health problems.

What I have done so far since 1st January 2011:

*Cut out all junk food.

*Saying NO to sugars and fats.

*Walking 4 kms a day, weather permitting.

*Doing other exercises like skipping, stepping, weights, boxing bag, push ups, push outs, exercising in the pool (really good on days like today, 45C/113F), gym ball exercising.

*Wanting to add Zumba on DVD, exercise using Wii fit and riding my bike and maybe even Karate.

*Eating only healthy foods and limiting breads and pastas.

*Drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

*Lost 3.4 kgs (7.48lbs).

To help me achieve this:

*I have tossed out all unhealthy food in my pantry.

*Cleaned out the fridge and put healthy food ONLY in there. It is nice to open the door and have all those bright fruit and veg looking back at me lol!

*Reading the labels carefully on food products and choosing low fat options.

*Reading inspiring books to push me along.

*Keeping a journal of what I am eating and my exercise routine.

*Trying out new healthier recipes.

I am feeling motivated and ready to do this.

My body is full of energy and already I can see and feel the results.

Below are the books that are helping me in my journey, plus the weight watchers site and face book page.

Also helping me to keep motivated is the Michelle Bridges site and face book page. I would have loved to do
but decided I couldn't afford it, and due to the fact that I only have a few kilos left to lose, surely I can do it...

What makes me think I can do it this time?

20 years ago I gave up smoking for a New Years Resolution. On the 16th January 1991, I went cold turkey and have never picked up a cigarette since.
So with this in mind and the same determination I have set about with my new challenge...

I will keep you posted...

Hope the weather is being kind to you.
Australia is taking a real battering from Mother Nature lately.
Cyclones now threatening along both sides of the country, bringing strong winds and lots more rain, something that Queensland certainly doesn't need right now.

Enjoy your Sunday,


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At Home

first crop...
Cut up
with the slicer my dad made...
stewed and ready to be frozen for later use...

with sponge topping...
taking off, even though slowly...

The heat has set the garden back...
only one plant left.
are doing well,
the third year of crop from these plants,
with self sewn tiny tomato plants popping up everywhere...
picking plenty of these...
Silver beet,
getting there...
spectacular rainbow...
in full beauty...

Sunset from last night,
temperature soared to 47C (116.6F) yesterday...
Cool change today with 36C (96.8F).

More hot weather on the way, Summer has arrived!

Happy AUSTRALIA DAY to all my Aussie friends,


Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas day was hot and windy...

Photos were taken at my youngest daughters property with
Devil's Peak in the background.
The girls had their sister visiting from Western Australia this year, she is 17.
L-R Tegan, Talia, Sarah & Kyla
Not a good day for taking photos
as it windy...

Add Jack and Blake.
Then my Mum and Dad and me in the purple
Family group...
Kyla, Tania, Jack, Sarah & Talia.
Sing-star fun at our house later in the day,
Talia & Tegan kept us entertained.
Getting tired...
Jack & Nanny...
My mum and dad...
Weather is still warm to hot here and now we have some humidity also...yuk!

I have my laptop back and running so will be able to post again with photos.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the Queenslander's that are stricken by bad floods (thank you Kimmie for the link) that are happening right now. Mother Nature can be so cruel at times.

Take care everyone,