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Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting It Done

I have been waiting about seven years,
 but it has finally happened J

 The area out the back has been closed in...

Of course now Hubby wishes he had done this sooner...

We have been enjoying outside barbeque's and pizza's with a new barbie, pizza oven and table and chair set that we shouted ourselves.  

All on special of course 

Before being enclosed, the wind would whistle through this area and it was not pleasant to be out there.  I cant wait until Spring and Summer now J

This is the main area.  The sun still filters through in the afternoon, and it is lovely to grab a favourite book and sit out here and forget the world for a while...

 Here is how the other end progressed...

And then finished...

The screens are making a big difference with stopping the wind. We put the plastic one in first and then opted to try out the shade cloth one.  Because we like the shade cloth screen better, we will eventually replace the plastic one. We will still use it but move it to the other side near the pool to slow the north winds.


I think hubby has done a fantastic job, he is very clever.  In his words "Jack of all trades, and master of none."

This truck contains the next project, 
a new shed...

Hubby will be building this (his first time erecting a shed) with the help of his best mate J

It is a cold day here today, just 14C (57F). The fire is on and I am not moving too far out of the house.

Life here is busy.  After a long break we have returned to a volunteering role with the local SES (State Emergency Service).   The unit manager and a couple of others helped with a big clean out at the unit. My job was to clean the inside of the building, which was no small task.  I still need to finish a couple of rooms. Hubby organised the sorting through and tossing out of unwanted stuff from the sheds outside. And he was ruthless lol! 
I will post photos soon.
We also need to update our training, which is always fun J

Best wishes to you all,