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Saturday, December 30, 2017


Ten years ago today I started writing here on this little blog.

Thank you for joining me along this journey. 

In 2007, I had no idea how long or where this blog would go, but I have met some wonderful people through my words here and I have even been fortunate enough to meet a few of you in real life.  Without your input this blog wouldn't be what it is today.

There have been times I thought I would stop writing, but here I am ten years on, and although writing has become a lot less consistent, I am still here.  

I have seen many blogs come and go in this time.  Some of them I really miss reading, but there have been plenty of new bloggers to take their place.

Rhonda @downtoearth blog was my initial inspiration for blogging and she continues to inspire me everyday. I have followed her writings from the very beginning. Thanks to Rhonda, I have made it onto the Top 100 Simple Living Blogs, (along with many of my favourite blogs) so I had better up my game! 

The good news is I will be back in 2018.  I want to post more simple living posts in the coming year. With the theme of getting back to basics, you will see more recipes, frugal tips and ideas, maybe a few crafty bits and pieces, and of course the usual updates of what is going on around here.

So on that note I will wish you all a fantastic New Year celebration and will see you very soon.

In between blog posts you can find me here on Instagram or I am in the process of starting an Out Back facebook page. 


Sunday, November 5, 2017

homeward bound ~ part three & four

Because I have so many photos and these posts are taking longer than I thought, I have decided to make this a double post to finish off the homeward bound series. So that means this post is very long! Part four is mostly photos, but there is some beautiful silo art you really should see, so scroll on down...Hope you enjoy :)

By the end of day two we had landed in this pretty little spot.  We are not real sure of the name but think it was Rocky Point near Point Bell.

Magnicifent views of the ocean...

Cooking up a healthy meal and using up some of the leftover food.

The best restaurant in the world!

Our camp spot...

This rainbow was so big I couldn't fit it all in using the camera...

Waiting for the sun to go down.  I was alone in the sand-hills enjoying the beauty and peace of it all...

We finished off the night with a good old camp fire...

These photos were taken the next day before we left. At last the sunshine appeared again! I could have stayed here a lot longer. Forever maybe, wouldn't be too bad would it?

Another little film clip for you. There were lots of flies as you will hear and dolphins (or porpoises) swimming passed in the distance, but they are really hard to see in the clip.


Homeward bound ~ part four 

By the end of day three we were at a completely different scenic place...

Corrobinnie Hill, a huge granite hill in the middle of nowhere, but an amazing place to see.

The photos will tell the story...

It felt a little like "picnic at hanging rock". An Australian film for all my overseas visitors.

No one else here except for these wild goats in the distance, the occasional lady bug and lizards...

Our camp site...

An inside view of where we sleep...

Next stop was Kimba (situated half way across Australia) and this is the new art on their silos.  Pretty spectacular don't you think?

I think this is called a black boy plant, but I could be wrong... 

I like to take close up photos of moss and lichen. Fascinating stuff! Makes for a great photo, especially when put in a frame :)

These were taken at our final camp spot, which apparently I may have forgotten to photograph.  It was near another granite hill, with no views as we were surrounded by scrub.

We weaved our way through some of the back country, then ended up back on the highway. 

These Emus were near Iron Knob...

Then it was time to head for home and the big cleanup and days of washing began...

Hope you have enjoyed the sights of our beautiful countryside.  

Now that we are home I can get back to normal blog postings again, see you soon.