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Monday, February 21, 2022

out back

Hello everyone.

I am back with a tour of the patch out back.

With Summer winding down, there are jobs to be done in the veggie patch. 

One of those jobs is seed saving for next season.

These are leeks. The little black seeds in these are very time consuming to get out.

And then dill seeds, these were a lot easier to collect.

A generous gift of produce. I am very blessed to have wonderful neighbours.

This little daisy bush {could very well be a weed} is growing everywhere in the backyard after all the rain.

I had better success with pumpkins this year. I grew them out near the orange tree where they would get shade in the afternoon. They still struggled on the really hot days, but I have managed to get them through.

The vines took a liking to the orange tree.

So I have spaghetti squash hanging in the orange tree!

There are so many weeds to deal with. Mostly prickly buck bush {tumble weed}. The weather is cooler this week so I will make a start on clearing them out.

The paddock looks quite lush and green even if it is only saltbush.

The citrus trees are fruiting well.




The guava has a lot of fruit for such a small tree. This is the first time of getting more than just a few.

Huge big tumble bush.

The Amaranth has turned into a weed. It is growing everywhere! This plant is a super food. You can eat the leaves and seeds for ultimate nutrition.


Tomatoes of different varieties, mostly small ones.  I seem to have trouble growing larger tomatoes during summer. No need to worry though because Dad grows enough for all of us.

The garlic chives are in beautiful flower.

Lemon scented pelargonium growing in a pot. Almost in need of a trim.

The Basil didn't do great this year, but I have plenty dried from last season.

Second crop of blueberries forming. Just need to keep the birds away from this delicacy.

I have been picking capsicums when they turn red.  There are now new ones coming along.

Malabar climbing spinach.

Dragon fruit at different stages.

Spring onions spring up everywhere.

Nice crop of leeks.



Late volunteer pumpkins that came up after the rain.


Thai basil.

Sweet potato that sprouted in the pantry.

The eggplant is not doing so well this season.

Potting up strawberry runners.

Plenty to do yet.

Volunteer tomato plant. Not sure what type.

Volunteer capsicum plants.

Sweet potato patch.


Rockery garden.

Hubby has finally started on a pathway through our native area. We are getting gravel to put on top to keep the dust down, and hopefully we can source some big rocks for the edges.

Quandong trees.

Volunteer plants growing outside of the veggie patch, two tomato plants and three globe artichokes in amongst the weeds.

Yarrow has appeared in the back lawn area, not sure how.

Roadside gathering of peaches. These are eaten raw, some made into more jam and the rest will be stewed for later.

 Love this photo of my Mum standing in a wheat crop on our farm at Ceduna.  I am missing her so much, she is never far from my thoughts.

Hope you are all well.

Until next time, take care.