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Saturday, October 29, 2022

a day at dad's


I visited my Dad earlier this week and thought I'd share some photos of his garden.




With all the rain we've had, the plants are looking really healthy. 
And so are the weeds!

Thyme in flower.

Rose buds forming.


Mum's irises are beautiful this year. Its a shame she isn't here to see them.


Dark red pelargonium.

Huge earth worm on well weathered hands. 


Mixture of Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbages and zucchini in the background. There is also cucumber, pumpkins and melons in this patch. Dad has to fence things so the rabbits don't eat the plants.


Dad the great tinkerer/inventor. This is a homemade grass cutter he is working on.

Tomatoes are coming along.

Down the bottom of picture is some years old wheat he found and planted to see if it would grow.
And it did!

Huge heads of broccoli. I brought one home with me along with a massive cabbage.

Very tall thistles in the strawberry patch.

Dad is a very good gardener.

The almond tree is absolutely loaded this year and they are huge! There are also other fruit trees,  nectarines, apricots, peaches, and figs, all growing well.

We walked around the 10 acres and found some mushrooms.

The road home...

I treasure this time I get to spend with my dad. He has just turned 86 years old, and in good health for his age. He keeps busy, and is outside most of the day until the sun goes down. 
Bless him.

See you soon,

Thursday, October 27, 2022

open garden

Hello friends.

Last weekend we took the campervan to Port Lincoln to get away and spend some time with friends.

While we were there we viewed an open garden. The weather was lovely with the sun shining brightly. This beautiful garden has been created using permaculture.

The photos have been downloaded straight from my phone onto this blog.


Pride of Madeira, the bees love this plant, so we have brought home a seedling to see if it will grow here.

The plant below is another favourite of the bees. I will try and find out the name and hopefully give it a go here.

Beautiful poppies.

Love this.

Veggie patch.

There seems to be a lot of leaf curl around this year.

The resident Koala.

I have returned home with new inspiration although the climate is very different here. 
I will keep moving ahead with creating a permaculture garden.  At the moment the weather is perfect, we have not had any hot weather yet, instead there has been lots of rain.

See you soon,