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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Day for Gardening

We did a little gardening this morning,
The forecast was for rain,
but instead it was a beautiful sunny day.
Hubby has finished off another couple of plots,
so it was time to do some planting.
In went

Spring onions
Bok Choy
hiding in there somewhere



this is me
(doing all the work as usual lol)
And our dog Millie always willing and eager to give a hand.
She carries a ball 24/7 hoping that someone will throw it for her.
Even our visitors get pestered.
Hope the weather is being kind in your neck of the woods,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Perigee Moon and Rooftop Views

I wish to acknowledge that
the following photos of the "big" moon and the view from our roof were taken by hubby Phil.

We hadn't had a chance to fiddle with the new camera at night time, so the Perigee moon was a good chance to. I think the pictures turned out really well.
We had a fair bit of cloud cover...

After the wet day yesterday the sun poked through the broken cloud at the end of day.
A good opportunity to climb onto the roof and get these photos of the view all around.

I love the beautiful orange colours of Autumn.
The "salt" lake/pan behind us is usually very dry, but with all the rain this lake has been filled with water for most of the past year...
Gorgeous sunset

Surrounding hills and salt lake.
View of our veggie garden from above.
I have finally removed the shade cloth this morning as I feel sure that the hot weather has passed safely by.

A gentle breeze blowing
Beauty all around
The local power station that provides electricity to a big part of the state of South Australia.
The Flinders Ranges provides a lovely back drop and the colours of these hills are always changing. I can look out my side door and take in the view which can be breathtaking at times. I have two daughters living just over these hills in the tiny country town of Quorn, about 20 minutes away from here...
Today is cloudy and cool and it looks like it might even rain again, what a great start to the year!
The farmers should be very happy.

Best wishes to all,


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another birthday

Fifteen years ago you changed our lives forever,

So proud of you and all that you have achieved Jack.

Hope you are having a great time today...


Love you always,


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Around here

It has been a quiet week here...


I am having trouble with my shoulder (diagnosed with bursitis) so not doing too much if I can help it.
The doctor ordered a cortisone injection which I had on Tuesday. For the first day it was painful, and after that it seemed to settled down, only to come back sore again over the last couple of days grrr!
I am restricted with movement and it is very frustrating.
Just simple things like sleeping at night, tying up my hair, washing my hair, drying myself, putting clothing on and off, doing clothing up behind my back, hanging washing up on the line and taking off, reaching anything that is above my head.
Will go back to the doctor on Tuesday to see what he has to say. Hope they can ease my discomfort soon. Anti inflammatory medication didn't do anything to relieve the pain.
My exercise has come to a halt, but so far my weight is remaining roughly the same, so that is good. I still need to watch what I eat, basically no sugar and fat and will need to continue this healthy eating for the rest of my life. Junk food has become a thing of the past, haven't had any since January this year.
So far I have lost 7 kg (15.4 pounds) and I would like to lose just a little more yet. Will posts photos soon.

The garden is still going although we are not getting too much off of it now. It rained all day yesterday so the vegetables have had a much needed drink. Another cool day today with a bit of rain, and it is supposed to be cool all week, so where did the heat go? Not much around this year...

Silver beet...

have been feeding the chooks with this and adding some to my protein drink for that extra lift.

is producing plenty of flowers but not too much zucchini. The ants dont seem to be doing their job at transferring pollen from the male to the female flower. I have been out there to do their job but still no zucchini. They get to a certain size then die off...
This is as big as they seem to get, then go yellow and gradually die back as you can see in the picture.

is still producing well. These plants are four years old and still going strong. I cut them back when they have finished for the year and they sit until next season.
Apple Cucumber
has just had it's first fruit.
I am thinking these are cucumber plants. A while back I popped a couple of seeds in the ground that didn't shoot in a pot. They came up with the last lot of rain. We will have to wait and see what they are.
tree is loaded as usual
so is the

are coming along
Op shopping


A pretty Johnson of Australia side plate...

A vintage handmade apron

that is double sided...
an old tiny prayer book...

not sure how old though as there is no date inside, which is a bit of a shame.

Have a wonderful weekend,