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Thursday, March 5, 2020

whats happening out back?

Hello everyone,

It has been a while. 

I don't know where February went and March is marching on. Blink and it will be Christmas time again!

Out back there has been some activity.

I planted out two Sturt's Desert Peas plants. I have tried to grow these before, but in the heat of summer, they died. So this time I am trying them while it is cooler. They should grow in our sand.

The rain has brought lots of amaranth (and weeds) up in the soil. They are scattered everywhere, I am not bothering to pull them out as I don't mind them growing around the place.

We have mandarins again this year after not having any last year. This was because the tree had a good prune. This is good news as I missed being able to squeeze them for juice over winter.

As usual the grapefruit tree is fruiting really well. I sometimes wish this was an orange tree!

After the rain, the kangaroos went back out bush and the stripped green leaves on this guava tree (a stump brought home from our sons place) and grapevines are regrowing. We are hoping to put a fence around our fruit tree area this year. 

Around the other side of the veggie patch I have planted eight Moringa trees. I am not sure how they will grow in this area, but fingers crossed that they do well. Moringa is also known as the drumstick tree, ben oil tree, horseradish tree or miracle tree because of its medicinal benefits. See here.

Phil has cleared this area to put a rain water tank there. This will water the veggie patch and trees we are planting on the ridge.

Scented gums for the bees.

We are not sure what this little tree is because it was given to us without a name. We will have to wait and see.

Looking back toward the veggie patch.

This pile of cow and sheep manure came from stock holding yards (feedlots) down the road near Crystal Brook. Phil organised for us to pick up a trailer load and bring home. It is well trampled and aged, so ready to use.

My seven year beans have really taken off, and they have escaped!

And so has the dragon fruit. Phil is worried about the plants damaging the shade cloth on the roof, so I am keeping a close eye on them and will make sure they don't break anything.


Summer is now over and the garden is slowing down. I will be tidying things up out here soon, ready for next season.

A closer look...

Baby figs.

This was a stump brought home from our sons place.  We plonked it in a pot of dirt and kept it watered, and eventually after quite a few months, some leaves appeared, so now we will have another fig tree for fig jam!

I am picking oodles of zucchinis.

Tomato plants have popped up everywhere after the big rain. I am keeping them watered.

These tomatoes are called green zebras. They were on special for $1 at the local hardware store so I took a risk and bought them. Hopefully I get a taste before the cold weather arrives. They are flowering so that's a good sign.

The seven year beans on the inside.  They are just starting to flower so I will soon have beans. I was hoping these would provide much needed shade in the veggie patch, and it is doing a great job at that, but I need to figure out how to string it across the top section. I have been thinking of using bird netting.

My honey dew melon plant is dying. After the rain, it was really humid and the cucumber and melon plants developed rust as well as scale spread by ants. The pumpkin in the background is starting to die off also.

The basil has done great as usual. I left it to flower for our bees, but soon I will be stripping the leaves to dry them.

These cucumbers haven't been in long, and are not doing that well. Hopefully they take off soon.

Black cherry tomatoes.


The eggplants are having a second crop.

I am still picking kale.  They have done really well this year and I pick some daily for my green juice.

Wrinkled butternut pumpkin.  This is the first time growing this variety. I do not think it is a good idea to grow pumpkins in wicking beds, they do not seem to do any good.

There is purslane growing everywhere. Here is a link of what to do with purslane.

This tomato variety is Roma and they are just starting to ripen.

Ox hearts tomotoes.

What I picked today.

And what I picked a couple of days ago.

Rhubarb that I picked a week ago.

And a not very glamorous picture of me with the Fordhook silver beet. It was so hard to try and get a picture of the huge leaves.

Well friends, that's all the news for now. I am going to try and get my blogging back on track, I have been very inconsistent these past few years.

Hope you are all keeping well.

See you soon,