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Monday, June 27, 2016

Beautiful Australia ~ Northern Territory Trip ~ Kings Canyon

Hello dear friends,

As promised here are some photos of our road trip to the Northern Territory.  The journey took a month and we squeezed as much into our schedule as possible. Some days we were exhausted.
 A good exhausted. 

I have decided to mostly post photos as I think they tell the story for themselves, although it was much more stunning than they can show.

Our first stop was


Here we are with our back packs on and ready for the big six kilometre hike around the rim of Kings Canyon. Note the white legs, this happens to us southerners over winter!

Up we go...
By this time I am beginning to realise just how unfit I was. It was steep! I had to stop and rest to catch my breath.

 But I knew the views at the top would be worth it. 
These also took my breath away.


People on the other side of the canyon...

 Tucked away in a corner of the canyon was this.  
It is called the Garden of Eden.
Just beautiful.

 More people, this time taken from the opposite side.

I know this as a Jimmy lizard, but I think it may be one of these.

 The car park in the distance as we were coming back down...

There were dingoes wandering everywhere around the park where we were staying.  This one went into the store and stole the poor soft toy in the next picture.  When he realised it wasn't edible he walked away. They are so cheeky.

This one made himself comfortable at a  campsite.  It was very warm and he was looking for a cool spot.

On the day we were leaving this one (it could be the same one as above) passed by close to our caravan. He was looking for food.

The dingoes howled all night long and it was a little scary to walk to the amenities at night.

Kings Canyon is isolated and there is no phone signal.  The only contact we had with the outside world was by pay phone. The old fashioned way. 

Back soon with the next leg of our journey,

Take care,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

What a Difference a Month can Make

Hello dear friends,

I apologise for my absence, but once again time has slipped away so easily. I cant believe it has been over four months since I last posted here, where did that time go?

By adding part time work to my agenda, it has made me more time poor and sadly my blog hasn't been a priority lately. But my aim is to change that and get back on track.

We have been away on a road trip for the past month and have only been home for a couple of days. Although tired, I feel refreshed and have a bright new outlook on life. It is amazing what a break away can do for the soul.

We hooked up our caravan behind our four wheel drive and headed north to the warmer weather, just like the grey nomads do. 

We left Port Augusta, South Australia and went all the way up to Darwin, Northern Territory, calling into beautiful places all along the road. We saw some amazing sights and I cant wait to share some photos with you. This may take a quite a few posts to cover our journey and I promise to keep them brief. I had wanted to blog while travelling but the internet was intermittent along the way, plus I only had download on my mobile phone to use.
We traveled nearly 10,000 kilometres
(6,213 miles) on our journey. 
From the bottom to the top and back down again.

To prevent boredom sitting in the passenger seat (I did do some driving), I took along knitting to do. I have nearly finished all twenty five squares to make a quilt. Just three more to go then I can sew it all together and crochet a border.

Up until we left home the weather was still quite warm and we hadn't had a decent rain in a very long time.  The day we departed it started raining and hasn't stopped.  Needless to say there are now weeds everywhere...

The garden is looking a little shabby, but considering it has been neglected for a month, it is not too bad. Everything is still alive except for the kale and zucchinis. 

I picked this bucket of tomatoes yesterday as well as a bucket of mandarins. As usual our mandarin tree is loaded with fruit. The tomato bushes have been touched by frost and are a little black on the tips but otherwise okay.  I will make homemade tomato soup with this lot.

Hubby is already planning our next trip away and he is talking about taking two months to travel. I hope I can cope with being away from home for that long. 

It is a dreary cold day here today. I have been catching up with some jobs and blogging friends online. The fire is on and the house is toasty warm.

The first post of our road trip will be up on Monday, so see you then...

Take care,