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Friday, August 25, 2017

catch up

Hello again dear readers,

I cant believe how quickly the time is passing, I wish it would slow down so I can catch my breath.  So much has happened since my last post that I can barely remember it all. Thank goodness I take lots of photos, this helps to remind me.

There is no particular order to this post, just a mish mash of daily life.

The girls have started laying again.  The young ones have begun their laying life too...

Trying my luck with avocado seeds.

I dried and made this weed (no not that weed!) into tea...nettle tea.  The taste is quite pleasant, with no sting! This humble little weed, can be a nuisance but has many health benefits, see here.

One of our better finds at a little hidden op shop. We passed these on to a dear friend, because we have no more room!

We were gifted these two from our neighbours. Both are in good working order...and this is why we are running out of room!

Around here...

Healthy living...

Who knew this ugly looking specimen,

would make such a delicious refreshing drink that is so good for you.

Now for the best news of all.  Our dear sweet baby grand-daughter arrived safely in July. Her name is Ziva Grace. 

Meanings and history of the name Ziva: Pronounced ZEE-va, the name Ziva is of Hebrew origin, derived from the name Ziv meaning brightness, brilliance, or light of God.

Here is Ziva, just a few hours old with her older brother Charlie looking on.  He is just a baby himself, bless him.  He has been so good to his sister and calls her "gentle", because that is what mum says every time he goes near her lol!

A little porker weighing in at 9lbs 3ozs!

Three days old...

 Not happy with the world lol!

Ziva is now a month old. These were taken just a few days ago.

And this gorgeous photo of Charlie.  Such a happy little boy. I love him to bits!

Meet my new friend. She was wrapped up in the shade-cloth I was pulling over the tomato plants and certainly gave me a fright! One HUGE Mama!!

I am still picking tomatoes.


and made into soup using this recipe.

It is so delicious!

We had a few rainy days. It was so nice but not enough to make a difference.  The ground is so dry!

A quick trip to the big smoke to pick up our new trailer.

The trailer in action...

As seen in the clip we decided to buy two huge bales of pea straw to use as mulch around the garden.

We had a really windy day and sadly this little nest fell out the tree.

I love this bright orange aloe flower!

I have finished this row of hugelkultur/layer beds. They are ready to be planted for summer.

I am trying a hugel type bed along side of the grape vines and dragon fruit.  I had dug a trench to catch water and thought I might try this method to see how it goes. It should hold moisture and help the plants along here.

Sour dough bread...

Beauty in the simple things...

My first pansy!

A lonely rose.


We have had heaps of these butterflies hatching out.  They are so pretty. I have since found out that this beauty is a Scarlet Jezabel.  

I tried to capture this one in flight a few days earlier.

The quandongs are ripening, so spring is not far away.

I hope this toady is indicating healthy soil.

The sleepy lizards (shingleback) are on the move in this warm weather.

How is this for a spectacular sunset? This is one reason I love living here.  I can walk out my back door and see beautiful skies like this on a regular basis.

Hope the world is treating you well.

Until next time, take care.