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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

these simple days

Grown and gathered ~ the garden is hanging in there even though we are now into the winter season. Every day there is a tomato or two to gather, but overall the last of the summer vegetables are now gone. A couple of recent frosts have finished the cucumbers for another season. I did not grow the bottle gourd pictured below, but I have saved some seeds for planting. Have you heard of the grow free cart movement? This is where the gourd came from, a local grow free cart right here in my home town. Have you tasted them? The inside is similar to zucchini or squash, so they can be used in the same way. You can see more about the carts here.  The first of the garlic plants has appeared out of the soil, and since recent rain there are more poking through. Rain does amazing things don't you think?

Rainy days ~ speaking of rain, we have had a few wet days since I last wrote here. Only last Friday we had another inch of rain. A nice steady drizzle for over twenty four hours, it was simply lovely. Just the day before I had planted beetroot, silver beet and bean seedlings so the rain has been very welcome. The first rain photo was taken at my daughters place on a recent visit. She had placed a couple of garbage bins to catch the water from the shed to use later on her garden.

Homemade ~ Just like in days of old, I love to use the top of the winter wood fire to cook some of our meals. It doesn't get  much better than this.

Among other things, I have been spending my time in the kitchen creating healthy vegan meals such as veggie pasties, egg plant schnitzels, and some delicious sweets like bread and butter pudding and healthy cookies. 

I love seeing my pantry shelves full of things that I have grown, dried and preserved. This brings so much joy and satisfaction.

I am still brewing Kombucha, and it is something I can almost do with my eyes closed now. See the jar on the far left? This is what is called a scoby hotel, and inside is where I keep all the spare scoby's (mothers) until they find new homes.   

After finding myself with so much excess sourdough starter, more than I could possibly ever use, I decided to dry some for safe keeping. I have done this before and happily given some away for others to try.

For many years now I have used this homemade cleaner. It has very simple ingredients and smells really lovely, and who could pass up such a pretty colour blue? I do not really measure out the contents, just mix some sugar soap with water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. This is it, and I find that it cleans remarkably well.    

Pink ~ these flowers were a gift from my son and his girlfriend for Mother's day last month. They stayed in bloom for ever so long and I have only recently placed the remains into the compost.

Out back ~ succulents are my favourite and are so easy to grow. I have been tidying them up and placing the spare leaves on fresh dirt. See all those little babies forming?

A different kind of geranium. This unusual one was found in a tiny plant nursery along one our country roads. I was told it can be a little more delicate than the standard geranium, so we will see how it goes.

This succulent was also found in the same nursery. I have plans to transfer it into a hanging basket.

We were gifted these tiny chili plants, but they haven't really grown. I do not think it is the right season for them to thrive.

The orange pig-face daisy always adds colour and beauty.

Pretty bougainvillea.

This faithful old red geranium is so easy to propagate and I have had it growing for many years.

These emus passed through one bright sunny morning. They have been roaming around our area for weeks now. Maybe they are looking for food or water as it has been really dry this year and food has been scarce for the native animals. I have placed water out for our feathered friends. 

Hubby chopped dead branches from one of the trees and turned them into mulch for the garden.

Another year of chopping and dropping. I cant believe that for years after cutting plants back, I removed all the cuttings instead of putting them back into the earth to enrich the soil. 

I am loving this whirly gig I found in an op shop. Its spins and whirls so beautifully. I also love the gentle sounds of the wind blowing through the nearby wind chimes, they are so peaceful and calming to listen to.    

The cart is ready to move some horse poo around the yard.  I am so thankful to my now grown children for getting this for me a couple of years ago for Christmas. It has been a real blessing and used for many odd jobs.


The wood has been chopped for winter.

Our happy chickens are laying eggs again after their molt.

Hubby has something else to keep him occupied. He is learning how to use this little Kanga, and so far it has been really useful for doing little jobs around here and at my parents property.

Lovelies ~ Love these two precious babes with my whole heart. 

The rain was steadily falling outside on this day.

Days end ~ beauty in the sky.

Hope all is well in your world.

See you soon,