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Friday, July 17, 2015

Out the Back

It's bonfire time!

Cleaning Power lines time.

Weed pulling time.
They are out of control. With all the rain we have had, the weeds are flourishing.
I am picking greens for the chooks trying to keep them down.

 I had some help the other day.

All that green makes nice yellow yoked eggs.

 I have picked 71kg of mandarins so far this season.  
This is what is still on the tree, probably the same amount again!

Our grapefruit tree always produces well.
Although not a favourite fruit of ours it is great blended in with our mandarin juice in the mornings.

Things are quiet this time of year in the veggie garden.
This is the kale leftover from last season. It is looking a bit shabby, and there are weeds all around...

However, the kale in the barrel is looking healthy.

As is the garlic.

The nettles are growing really well and taking over the veggie garden.  Time to find a use for this plant I think. Maybe some herbal tea?

Some potato plants.  
So far I have managed to protect them from the frosts.

 Same with the capsicum.  Although small, they are still producing and they are so juicy. They never make it inside, I devour them out in the garden J

I am still getting the odd tomato.

Spring onions and weeds!!

This little wild daisy plant has been flowering for months. The tough and hardy little thing grows in the gravel in our back yard.

Bird of paradise.

Succulents are flowering this time of year.

 Could Spring be not far away?  The Geraldton Wax is preparing to put on a show.

 Not sure of the name of this native bush.

 Its flowers are gorgeous.

I am surprised by this little wild peach tree (quandong).  It has fruit ripening already. Usually this happens in September, so this must be an early variety.

Our shed is almost done. Yes it has been over twelve months now lol!
The structure is up.  Next the guttering goes on then the cement floor will be put in.  Once the guttering is completed we are getting two more rain water tanks for storage. These will go down the side of the shed.

And to finish off with one of our pretty sunsets from a few days ago.

It has been so cold here this Winter, its been quite a shock to have to rug up so much. The fire has been on for weeks.
Even parts of Australia are getting snow in areas that don't usually get it. What is going on with the weather?

Have you had snow where you live?