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Monday, February 11, 2013

What's been happening?

Lots of pickings from the garden,

the biggest one weighed 7.9kgs (17.5lbs)

Mmmm yum!



into jam...


into jam...

Golden nugget pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants...

 Twenty five kilos of tomatoes (55lbs)
We picked these up for $1.00/kg

 tomato sauce 

 Homemade veggie pasties

 plus sauce equals yum!

Water bathing

Pasta sauce

One for the Valentines

 Homemade bread...

 from the recipe here

 The weather has been very warm to hot, but pleasant at the same time.  There is a feel of Autumn in the air, this makes me happy :D

I have been a bit time poor lately, hence my blog being a bit quiet. Summer has been a busy time this year with lots of preserving going on, and I will glad of a rest...

Do you preserve your harvest?