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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

around here

Hello everyone!

Just a little of what has been happening in our neck of the woods.

I made a bag from one of hubby work shirts. He was going to throw out his old shirts but I had this bright idea to make shopping bags. This particular one is a practice run and I have about ten more to sew up...next time I will make sure the two pockets line up!  I thought the pockets might come in handy for storing things like homemade mesh veggie bags.

I fell in love with these orchids when I saw them the other day...I know, I know, they weren't in my budget, but they are so pretty right? This one is loving its position by the big dining room window.

This Jerusalem artichoke flower is so bright and cheery. It wont be long and I will be able to harvest the bulbs. Have you tried Jerusalem artichokes? I believe you have to be careful as they can make you go to the toilet often lol!

Mum has kept all the plants I have given her over the years for Mothers day.  I have now taken some cuttings for my front garden.

Some of them are pretty spectacular.

Little bee...always a great sight to see.

Mum's roses continue to flower, which is fairly unusual for this time of year.

I am still picking tomatoes.  I made a big lot of yummy tomato soup from these and others I had in the fridge.

This may not be of interest to anyone, but the two of us have been eating extremely healthy lately.  Hubby has cholesterol issues so he has joined me on the vegan diet to see if that will lower his numbers naturally. He doesn't want to take medication, so there isn't really any option but to cut animal products from his diet.  He will get tested again next month.

Vegan Anzac biscuits...we still get to enjoy the simple things.

My treasures...

This windmill gift is from my Mum and Dad.  There is an awesome bloke that happens to be their neighbour, and his hobby/job is making these type of things from a laser cutter machine (I think that is what its called).  He has been creating a lot of bigger items to put around their little town, and they look spectacular when driving through.

Not much rain usually means dusty days.  Although I hate to say it, it has been a lot like drought weather, and went from Summer to winter in a week! The home fire has been on this week although the days are pleasant, the nights have been cold.  Tonight it will be 4C here! I think the frosts will be early this year.

Yesterday it was muck out day in the chook house!

I put pea straw in the chook house and the girls (and boys) had a great time scratching it to bits.  I do this so the hay gets broken down and manured at the same time! It will be left there about a week and then moved to the fruit orchard to be used as mulch.

I took a little video of all the fun. Lots of wheel spinning happening!

I actually attempted a video tour of our little place today.  But the clip appears to be too big (ten minutes) for putting on this blog, so I may have to look at posting on you tube.

Well I think that is about all for now.  Can you believe it is May already? Actually we are over half way through May! WOW this year is flying by! It will be Christmas before I know it.

See you soon,


Thursday, May 3, 2018

in the patch

Hello dear readers,

Sorry for my absence.  I will be back to normal posting soon. We have finally connected to the "NBN" (National Broadband Network) via wireless, so at last the internet will run at a decent speed to enable me to do more posting without taking hours to download photos. No excuses now!

A quick post this time around to let you know that I am still in the land of the living. 

I have been pottering about in the garden, doing bits and pieces in the cooler weather, although we have had the hottest April in a very long time...the plants and animals have been very confused!

Today it rained! Can you believe it after all this time, we received some beautiful moisture from up above and the plants have given a big sigh of relief.

These photos were taken a few days ago out in the veggie patch.

Fresh plants of Calendula are blooming, the bees have been loving all the sunshine and have been very busy out here.

Rocket gone wild.

Potatoes being munched on by something.

An abundance of tomatoes.

Last seasons eggplant bush has fourteen fruit upon it.

Rainbow chard or silver beet with spring onions in the background.

Lemon grass.

Jerusalem Artichokes...the first time growing these.

Late pumpkin.



The cucumbers are producing well.

Late capsicum.

Drying parsley.

Dried sage.

After the rain this morning.

You cant see it very well, but the sun was shining through a shower of rain this evening. It looked really pretty.

I took this quick video this morning during a heavy downpour.

See you soon,