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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Glimpse of Our World

Recently on the Down To Earth Forum a member posted a thread called My World, where she asked the other members to post pictures of where they live. So following on from that, this post shows a glimpse of our world...

You may have seen some similar pictures in my previous posts, so I hope it is not too repetitive...

I walked a full circle around our house and yard taking photos.  We live on 2.5 acres on the outskirts of town.

So lets go...

Starting with the front yard looking out the front door...

Our house and shed,
 taken from the other side of front yard...

 Hubby's BIG shed!
 I shall NOT show you inside of there...agghhh! 
 On the other side of this shed is a carport that is housing our caravan and behind the caravan is a big  rumpus/family/sewing room that I shall not show you just yet either. Not until I have cleaned it up. 
~hangs head in shame :(

Swing camera around to look at the other side.
A main bypass for heavy vehicles runs alongside of our block...

Looking out the driveway
is the bypass road,
and a little rental house across the road.

 Looking up our drive way from across the road...

This is what you see as you pull into our place...

Looking out from the right side of our house is the chicken coop.

I made a sign to put on their pen that reads Cackleberry House, 
not sure if you can see it above the door :)

Part of the chicken run. 
They have a nice large area to roam.  Occasionally we will let them out to free range the whole block :)

Down the back is the wood shed that keeps our wood nice and dry in Winter.


The shady trees help keep the chickens cool in Summer...

Looking north into the back yard....
The car is an old 1956 Ford Zephyr that hubby would like to restore one day...
He had better get a move on other wise his 
"one day's" will run out.
The step ladder is placed ready for painting this side of the veranda.

Looking back toward the shed you can see two rain water tanks and on the shed roof are our solar panels. The wool bags next to the tank holds our cans and bottles we collect.  In South Australia we get ten cents each for these. 
The chicken run is on the right behind the fence. 

Closer view of the solar panels, all 24 of them.

Out yonder...

 And beyond...

Where our fruit supply comes from...

It is looking very dry at the moment :(

One side

then the other
Fruit trees include mandarin, orange, grapefruit, newly planted lemon and loquat trees,  two olive trees, fig, nectarine, apricot, some grape vines and one struggling mulberry tree...

The trees are situated on a french drain and thrive on the moisture.

 Looking toward the back of the house...

One neighbour

way over there...

Other side of back yard, looking south.
On the roof, we have solar hot water and evaporative air-conditioning.

Looking west is shade area we had built a few years ago.
This still needs work when the funds permit. 
Eventually  it will become a closed in entertainment area
I will save the money for this to be done.

 The side gate leads to our veggie garden.

When we moved here eleven years ago there were no fences.  
Little by little we get things done. It is good to have a handy hubby that does most of the work...

Looking out the side door of the house is the pool and lawn area. 
Except for digging the hole for the pool, every thing else was done by hubby.

The messy area under shade, 
must get and tidy it up a bit...

 We have a big veranda all the way around our house.  Such a blessing come Summer time :)

See the rusty metal object in the picture on a stand?  This was the bath that my brother and I were bathed in as babies.

 Our little place is a constant work in progress, there is always something to do around here...

Feel free to join in and share your world :)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Knitting dishcloths...


and pickling beetroot.
We got 13 jars from 6kg..

Picking broccoli...

And carrots...

Gifted mulberries...

He's been busy again, 
this time spreading gravel over the front yard to keep the dust down...
This is why hubby is so skinny lol!

Packing the gravel by driving back and forth...

Twas very foggy this morning.

Front yard...


Back yard...

Out Back...

Fruit trees...

Through the side sliding doors...

Out toward the veggie garden...

What is happening where you live?


Monday, June 18, 2012


From the garden:

We are still picking capsicums.

Our first potatoes.

Planted out a loquat tree.

We organised garden beds.

Hubby has been working hard to get these ready.



Brussels Sprouts.

and Beetroot.

The first garden.

Broccoli nearly ready.

From Generous Friends:

Some apples.

and some lemons.

From  the Produce Market...

Some mixed dried fruit.

Homemade goat's milk soap.

Two varieties of Kale for the garden.

Homegrown Avocados.

Growing an avocado tree?  
We will see :)

What did you get up to on the weekend?