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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am without my laptop at the moment so am posting from my son's computer. I cant post any photos of happenings here as they have all been downloaded onto my laptop :( Hopefully I should have it back up and running next week. I am sure it is sabotage as my hubby broke the power supply cord that I had just replaced recently. Let me say it didn't bounce when it hit the hard slate floor, sparks flew everywhere and that was that!

It is very hot here, has been since Christmas Eve. We got through Christmas day okay so that was a blessing. We still gathered outside with an air conditioner set up for coolness.

Today it is 43C (109.4F). I had to clean a house this morning but only lasted until lunch time. Tomorrow it is going to be a scorcher with 45C (113F), what a day that will be. I will go and do some more house cleaning in the morning and then relax and try to stay cool for the rest of the day.

My poor veggies are looking very droopy. I have been out and placed pots over them for protection. They also have shade cloth draped over them. The boiling hot sun just burns when out in it.

To all my blogging friends caught up in the floods in Queensland, I hope you are all safe. We have friends in Rockhampton that are waiting it out, there is so much water everywhere. I am glad we decided to go up there earlier this year, and we thought it was raining a lot then!

Swim time I think, the pool is waiting...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!


Monday, December 20, 2010

A gift and other bits...

Hello everyone,

I was lucky enough to win this food net from Enchanted Moments in a giveaway.
Thank you so much Suzanne, it is a lovely gift.
This will be put to good use on Christmas day because I think there will be plenty of flies buzzing around with the heat we are expecting.
I do hope the forecast is wrong.
We are meant to be having Christmas dinner out in the shed at my daughter and son in laws little farm. Their house is only a tiny two bedroom place with not much room, hence why we will be in the shed. Normally Christmas is held here but my daughter wanted to have it at her house this year. I should mention that our son in law is a refrigeration mechanic so he should be able to come up with something to keep us cool, I think he has an old air conditioning unit that can be used. The food will be another issue to keep cool, we will need lots of eskies and ice...

We have had some pretty sunsets lately.
I took these pictures last Thursday night.
This was the view to the south east, and a lovely pink colour.

Then the south west was this, a brilliant orange...
My hydrangea is putting on a good show of flowers this year.
Hurray for our solar panels,

at last we have received a credit on our bill...$12.41cr

We have had the panels about three years and this is our first credit.

In our house I have tried to cut back on things that use electricity .
This is what I have done differently over the past three months:

-Replaced two electric alarm clocks with small ticking alarm clocks.
-Replaced the two rechargeable telephones with the old original one that doesn't use electricity.
-Turned microwave and oven off at power point when not in use.
-Using a battery powered radio.
-No TV on during the day.
-Second fridge turned off.
-ALL power points except for fridge and freezers are turned OFF!

Our last bill was $182.82 so I am very well pleased :)
I am glad to report that hubby and son are both doing well. Things are slowly getting back to normal for ds, he played his first game of soccer last Friday since the accident and managed the whole game with no ill effect. He no longer has headaches, so one would presume he has recovered really well, thank goodness. Only time will tell but so far, so good.

This may be my last post until after Christmas as it is getting a bit hectic here. No 2 daughter is arriving home tomorrow from Melbourne and I have plenty to organise before the big day on Saturday.

I would like to wish all my friends
and I will see you all again soon!


The weather for our Christmas...HOT!!

Can you believe it?? It has been mild weather so far this summer and Christmas day is supposed to be 40C (104F)

We had planned for an outdoor Christmas this year...

Forecast for Port Augusta
Dec 20
Dec 21
Dec 22
Dec 23
Dec 24
Dec 25
Dec 26
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
Chance of Rain
Likely Amount
UV IndexExtremeExtremeExtremeExtremeExtremeExtreme
Frost RiskNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Relative Humidity41%29%43%30%30%18%28%19%28%15%17%12%26%19%

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas at our place...

Just now my grandson brought a present around for me, he had been visiting at his great grandmother's, and her friend Jenny made the reindeer.
He's a little cutie...
I made these Christmas blocks a few years ago...
Same with Oscar the reindeer...
A bought handmade treasure...
A Christmas quilt...
Our (not so neat) tree...
Christmas bear handmade by me...
There are no presents under the tree because I have yet to buy any...
Tiny knitted stocking...
and Christmas bells...

Handmade stocking...
and gingerbread man...
This was made by my son in 2007 at school...
I have decorated the wood heater this year...
Snowman made by me...
and also a star with a difference...

This ole man was given to me by my dearest friend...
I treasure him...

Little pillows made by me when I used to do the markets...
I need to make another one with "love" on...
some vintage decorations...

Our Nativity set...
the handmade Christmas candle holder on my table...
and I have re-decorated the wreath that hangs on my dusty door...
Santa...Please stop here.
Lastly I have included this picture of our sons rather large lump on his head where he hit the hard concrete last Monday. Taken at the hospital about half an hour after the accident.

He has recovered although we still have to monitor things for a while yet.

If he was wearing a helmet this damaged could have been avoided, it is not compulsory to wear a helmet in South Australia when riding a scooter.

He wasn't actually riding his scooter at the time he fell, he was getting down off a ledge at the new local skate park (that had been open for only three days), and must have slipped. He fell about 1.5 metres (4.5ft) so he was a very lucky boy, it could have been so much worse.

He also had a large lump behind his left ear, plus other bruisings that occurred as he fell.

Tomorrow hubby goes back into hospital for another operation to fix up more lumps that have occurred since his double hernia removal, so he will now be out of action once again for three weeks or more.

Take care,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We have our boy home with us and he is sleeping at the moment.
He didn't get too much sleep last night as you could imagine.
His scans were all clear, but he is suffering a headache.
The doctors have said that he may experience them for a while.
We have to watch him for the next two days, in case of delayed complications.
No sport or activity for at least two weeks.
He is going to go stir crazy.
His memory has returned apart from the actual incident, he still can't quite remember what he was doing. From what I can gather he was resting on his scooter and sitting on a ledge, when a heavy shower of rain hit. His friends say he slipped and fell while trying to get out the rain. It may become clearer what happened over the next few days.

Many, many thanks to you all for your prayers and best wishes, I truly believe that they have helped.

Hopefully I can rest easier tonight.

Now on to the original post I was going to do yesterday.
Some of the locals from our town put on a Christmas display in the local church.

I went down on Sunday to take some photos to share.

There are lots of photos,
and this isn't all of the displays just some of the best ones I picked!

The local Library made this tree from CD's and Books

Egg cartons...
who would have thought...
Emu egg
With Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus inside.
Some of the trees and displays.
a close up...
different sizes and styles...

Six White Boomers...
another tree and Father Christmas...

Doing the splits...
more trees...

Happy Santa...
This beautiful white tree was decorated by my Mother-in-law...
She does a great job
Maybe she could come and help me with mine.
She must be horrified when she sees my poor excuse for a tree lol!
Lots of Angels...
and nativity scenes,
this is knitted.
I really want to knit this set.
At the front of the church...
Baby Jesus....
An interesting star made with Quandong seeds
and some of those cute reindeer's that were featured on Better Homes and Gardens Show.
Weather report for here: Very strong north winds right now, storms happening all around the state of South Australia, 37C (98.6F) and very humid, (who needs to live in Queensland?), the ABC radio is sending out severe weather warnings every five minutes, there is no rain here yet but hopefully we get some. Plenty of rain due over the next few days for South Australia, and making its way East.

Sadly this is not what our farmers wanted, they are trying to get their record breaking crops off and into the silos, many crops are due to be ruined. Bad enough that there has been plagues of locusts and mice already this year, with locusts threatening to destroy crops as well.
Farming is such a gamble.