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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Australia Day

We spent Australia Day with my parents and family. This was a very special day this year because my Dad won Citizen of the Year. He is obviously very popular in Kimba because the turn out of people was the most there had ever been at the celebrations, even though the day was going to be a scorcher with 43C (109.4F).

This is what was written about my Dad:

Charlie is a generous, hardworking 'quiet achiever' who is innovative and thoroughly deserving of this award. His experience in restoration has been a huge asset to the many people and Clubs he has worked with. He has contributed countless hours to the community in many different areas including: Past President and current member of Kimba and Gawler Ranges Historical Museum, Kimba Show Society, Kimba Yesteryear Machinery Club and Kimba Pony club.

Cutting the Australia Day Cake.

Pictured below are:

The other award winners pictured with my Dad. The lady seated on the walker is

Corey Enright's Grandmother. Corey won an award too, but sadly couldn't be there to accept because of commitments to his AFL club. For those that don't know, Corey is a very influentual player for the Geelong (Cats) Football Club in the Australian Football League. Most of the Kimba district barrack for Geelong now.

His history is as follows:

Kimba Districts Football Club 1986 -1999

Best and Fairest Kimba Districts 1998

Eastern Eyre Mail Medal 1999

Eyre Peninsula Representative Side 1998/99

Port Magpies U 19's - 1999

Geelong Football Club


Coaches Trophy 2003, 2007 & 2009

Equal winner of 2009 Carji Greeves Best & Fairest Medallion


2007 v Port Adelaide

2009 v St Kilda

Dream Team 2008 v Victoria

All Australian Team 2008 & 2009

No wonder Grandma is so proud.

Jack and Blake having some fun.

Hope everyone had a good celebration.

Sorry I have been a bit quiet on here lately as I have not been feeling the best. Time for a visit to the doctor for an overhaul, that is happening Monday.

Take care,


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My lucky day!

Well we survived the heatwave, although I was getting rather bored sitting inside, did some cleaning, sorting and tidying up though.

The weather has cooled down for a few days before it warms up again.

We had 7.5ml (30points) of rain but already it is gone, the dry earth has swallowed it all up, but at least the garden has come back to life.

All except the poor hibiscus who has seen better days...

While waiting for my MIL at the local library today, I thought I would pop into the nearby Salvos shop and....

looky what I found!

Some old plates and a lovely old tureen (I think that is what it is called) in my favourite colour blue....

Sideways view, thanks to Blogger....

It has been well used but I am happy that it can now retire to my old kitchen dresser.

Made in England on the bottom

Pride of place on my dresser.

This dresser was once used by my dad in his mechanical workshop until I spied it oneday. There was only the bottom section, painted pink, green and black. I set to work with the help of hubby and brought it back to it's former glory. The top I luckily picked up at the local second hand shop and it fitted perfectly. Another picture can be found here in a previous post.

There were two of these quaint side plates....

Quite old too....

All of these for $5.00.


if I do say so myself.

I didn't get much time to look all around the shop so tomorrow I shall trot myself back down there for another look see.

Have a great rest of the week,


Saturday, January 9, 2010

At days end in Port Augusta

After a scorching hot day.....

Where do people go to cool off?

Maybe a little jetty jumping?

I think I shall leave that to the young ones.....

The bridge over our gulf....

This is the main highway that crosses from the east to the west of Australia

The Flinders Ranges with Mt Brown in the background....

The Westside foreshore....

Fancy a swim in the gulf?

On old grader left to live out it's days on the edge of a salt lake
In the back ground is the Power station that supplies power to a great part of South Australia

I measured the temperature under the verandah today at 45C (113F).

These poor sparrows were feeling the heat. They sat outside our front door trying to get some cool air from the air conditioner.

Another hot one tomorrow 44C (111.2F)

Have a great weekend everybody,


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas pics and the heat is on.......again

Some of our family on Christmas day.....my parents with Kyla, Talia, Jarrad, Jack and Blake.

Mum and Dad with their newly acquired Ford ute. All Dad has to do is learn what all the buttons on the dashboard are for and probably will never use them all lol.
Me, Dad, Mum, daughters Sarah and Kyla.
This year we weren't all together at once due to other commitments.

Phil and Jack enjoying Mario Cart on the Wii.

Today is meant to be 40C (104F)

This is the Elders weather forecast for the next few days:

Tomorrow (Friday) 43C (109.4F)

Saturday 42C (107.6F)

Sunday 42C

Monday 42C

Cooler on Tuesday with 36C (96.8F)

Bring on Tuesday.

Summer is great but it just gets so hot that it is nearly impossible to get out and do anything. The plants and animals need to be attended to during the heat so no going anywhere until it is cooler.

Hope the weather is being kinder to you,
I know some of you are experiencing freezing conditions which is hard to imagine while we are sweating our britches off.