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Saturday, February 1, 2020

we had rain and new kids on the block

After a terrible couple of very hot days we finally received some life giving rain! Yesterday it was so humid, I thought we were going to melt!

This rain worked its way down from up north and we were blessed with 95.5mm or nearly 4 inches of rain last night and today. A lot of other places received a good amount too.

This picture is of the clouds building up on sundown last night. Port Lincoln had received a huge thunderstorm earlier in the day and it caused flash flooding around the town. We were sweltering, it was still 40C at this time of night, and I really thought we were going to miss out once again.

Then around 11pm we started to hear that beautiful sound of rain falling, it was music to our ears. We opened the windows of the house wide open and enjoyed listening to the rain falling on the tin roof.  There is no better sound, is there?

My veggie garden was very sad yesterday because I took the shades down too early in anticipation for rain, but this was the patch this morning.

The rain proved too heavy for the basil plants.

Our road was closed due to flooding and some crazy person that decided to drive through flood waters and ran into trouble, then the vehicle helping them out also ran into strife. No one was injured thank goodness.  Of course the water was worse than shown here.

Down the main street.

At the traffic lights.

The "stinky" lake had water! Usually a dry salt lake.

This is at my parents place when we visited today.

Coming home along a back road.

A little clip of the rain at mum and dads.  You can hear the generator going in the background because the power was out.

Can you guess I am excited by all the rain? Because we don't get much per year {around 9inches}, rain is exciting!


 And of course I have to share these new additions to my parents menagerie. Two baby boar goats.


So gorgeous!

Did you get any rain? I hope so.

See you soon,