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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well it happened...

It rained that is...

I went out to take some pictures of the black clouds building up,

And to show you how dry it is around here,

All of a sudden the wind picked up and with it came a heap of dirt,
But then....
it rained,
and rained
for about twenty minutes, it was quite heavy to start with but then eased off...
an after shot of the chook yard...I think they wondered what happened!
Now there are beautiful blue skies with some pretty fluffy white clouds and beautiful, beautiful sunshine.

32 points (8ml)
that will do nicely and means I don't have to water the gardens tonight. I do hope there is some more on the way.

Enjoy your weekend,
( for us it is the Adelaide Cup long weekend).


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Garden update

We aren't so lucky with the rain that other parts of Australia are receiving, it's been a long while since it last rained on our little patch of dirt.
We have erected some shade for the few vegies we have growing.
The tomatoes are coming along nicely.
Won't be long and I will have that many little tomatoes I won't know what to do with them all.

The capsicums are doing really well, I am picking quite a few of these each day. I will be cutting them up and freezing for later use in stews and on pizza's.
Life has been pretty hectic for me lately. I have been really busy working nearly every day, plus trying to keep up with everything in my own household.

Re my health, I had blood tests done and they have come back all clear and apparently I am very healthy. I was really pleased with my Cholesterol reading, it was only 4.3 which is very good, I must be doing something right. I have also had an ultrasound and that appears to be okay as well. My doctor is on holidays at the moment so I won't know what happens next until I get to see her again. To top everything off, I had a wisdom tooth removed a couple of weeks ago as it was aching like crazy. I ended up with a big swollen face and black bruise like I had been bashed. The poor dentist was horrified when I showed her and she put me on antibiotics in case of infection.

Earlier tonight hubby went to work a freight train to Cook so I have had a busy day today cooking for him. I made banana cake, vegie pasties, and some spaghetti bog. He gets home Thursday morning and will be gone again Friday morning, so I will need to fit some more cooking in sometime soon. I have another house to clean tomorrow. (I clean rental properties when they have been vacated)

My youngest daughter, her partner and son have moved to Quorn, so I have been trying to help her out a bit as well. They have bought 25 acres of land up there so they can run their horses. There were 15 horses at last count, all different sorts and sizes. This girl and partner just love their animals. The property has two houses on it. One is only 3 years old and the other is very much livable as well. Next time I go up there I must remember to take the camera. They are finding it a bit of a struggle travelling back and forth to their work places and there are many kangaroos on the road.

Our son's (under 14 years) soccer team have made it to the grand final which will be played this Sunday. How exciting, I hope they do well. As it is a long weekend I am hoping that all the players are available to play.

Thank you to all that have passed awards on to me. I am hoping to collect them very soon.