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Friday, September 21, 2018

the arrival of spring

Hello friends,

And so it is Spring...

With Spring comes the beautiful sunrises.



New growth.

Quandong season.

Orange blossom.


I really love seeing these around.

Baby mulberries.

 Nectarine blossom.

Apricot blossom.

Oodles of grapefruit.

And mandarins.


In the veggie patch...


Baby spinach.

This is the size of the baby spinach.

Beetroot and silver beet.

More beetroot.

Silver beet and beetroot all mixed in.

Ongoing crop of spring onions.

More silver beet.


More garlic.

I have been playing around in this area, but as there hasn't been a lot of rain this year (drought in our area), I will probably not do much with this space simply because I will need to be careful with water.

Spending time outside in the evenings.

What to do with an abundance of citrus from our trees?

Make marmalade of course. Grapefruit, mandarin, orange and lemon in this batch, using this method.

And a simple fruit cake using freshly squeezed orange and mandarin juice. 

Also making sourdough again. Got to have bread to put the marmalade on...yum!

Something new to read.

And the return of beautiful sunsets.

The sun was a brilliant red colour on this day.


The real thing!

Has Spring arrived at your place? With the weird weather this year it is winter and spring mixed in together.  Cold nights and really warm days with hot north wind and plenty of dirt. That is my life at the moment, but it is all good ~smiles.

See you all soon,