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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spending our savings money and other bits...

This was my kitchen table on Monday...
I just can't seem to get organised to do menu planning. I think my problem is that I overwhelm myself with all the recipe books I have. I pull them out and start going through them, but I still battle to write just one weeks worth of meals.

This is where I keep my recipe books. The folders on the second shelf and at the bottom are full of recipes and other bits and pieces from some of my favourite blogs.
I am so pleased with this little book...
My mother in law has been so kind as to write out some recipes for me and put them in this book.
This lady has beautiful handwriting and she writes everything this way.
A lovely keepsake.

We had our first frost for the year on Monday,
1C, but not as cold as what Linda is experiencing though.
The lawn with a nice coating of ice.

We have a new money tin,
and have started filling it.
This is going to take a while as this one is bigger than the last tin...
Hubby has been busy chopping wood to keep us warm this Winter.
He made up this frame after seeing something similar in one of the Earth Garden magazines.
Having a frame like this is a lot better than having the wood laying on the ground, and easier on the back muscles.
Getting quite a pile now...
For those that are interested in what we used our $711 dollars for.
This is a stump splitter...
We had to put more money towards it but believe it is a good investment.
No more chopping wood for hubby, something he has been unable to do since having his double hernia operation. (or so he says lol)
Makes life a lot easier...
Just let the machine do the work.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a pleasant day so I might try to get out into the sad vegie garden and dig some weeds and tidy it up a little. We let the chooks in there and they have scratched all the mulch everywhere looking for bugs but they didn't eat any of the weeds.

Hope you are all well,


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saving the Pennies...

The money tin was full,
(this is one of the large ones)
About six months ago hubby decided to start dropping every spare and sometimes not spare coins into the money tin.
On Friday it was decided that the time was right to open the tin and start counting...
Hubby's guess as to the amount in there was about $350,
Mine was $320...
All stacked and ready to bag...
Total amount counted
Can you believe it?
We had to count it again....and again!
just to be sure.

We took all the coin to the bank and the teller tallied it at $711.65, so one of us miscounted somewhere....

Does anyone else save money this way?

Give it a try you could well be surprised as we were!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You Postie!

I posted on my Mother's Day post that I was going to get something special soon for my Mother's day present.

Well today was the day...
a parcel had arrived in my Post Office box ...

And here they are...
Thank you blogger for posting the photo sideways....
Tried one out and it worked...
So I think I am going to be busy for a while....

I can't wait to sit down quietly and watch these DVD's.

I notice that The West Ladies have a new DVD on quilting...
I shall start saving my pennies again now.

I purchased these through an Australian site called DVD Educator.
Go have a look if you live in Australia.

Have a great day,

I know I am...