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Saturday, July 7, 2018

out back exploring

Hello there,

This afternoon (Saturday) we went out chasing some train history.  I have included a map of where Port Augusta is located for all those that do not know. We are situated in South Australia at the top of the Spencer Gulf and the following photos were taken in that area.

Hubby was trying to find a part of railway section that is no longer in existence. He thinks he may know where it was once located but is yet to confirm it. We will probably do some more investigating at a later date. 

Related image

You can see some drone footage from our area here. It is very beautiful.

We pulled up along side the railway line and walked a short distance along a deserted track that was once a railway line that crossed a bridge over the Gulf to the old Salt Works.  The Salt Works closed down in 1932.

Here are some random pics I took along the way...

The old Salt Works can be just seen in the distance to the left on the other side of the Gulf.

Among the mangroves.

Old railway line...

This is as far as we could go.  From this point it was across the water to the other side.  Sadly the bridge is in a bad state of disrepair.

Animal tracks...

Rusty remnants...


More tracks, fox maybe?


Pieces of coal from the old steam days...

 Today's East-West line, all shiny and well used.

See you soon,