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Friday, July 23, 2021

Until we meet again...may God hold you safe in the palm of his hands.

I lost my beautiful Mother and best friend to cancer last Sunday morning. She fought a brave and courageous battle for seven months. I am completely heartbroken and can't imagine life with out her 💔 To complicate things further, due to covid lockdown here in South Australia, we are unable to lay Mum to rest just yet.

Right now I feel numb. Lost.

I spent the last almost five weeks staying at the hospital in a palliative care room, along with my Dad to help take care of Mum.

I did get to spend good quality time with Mum in the early days of our hospital stay, but the last week and few days were horrific and not something I ever want to do again.  This was my first real encounter with this disease. Cancer is such a cruel beast.

The sunset below appeared on the day Mum passed away. I am hoping it is a message to say she is okay. 

It was stunning!

I have in my possession a blanket that my Mum was knitting.  It is all knitted in one piece.  She never quite finished it and only had two squares left to go. So the last couple of days I started to finish it off. I have followed the pattern that came with it and completed the last two squares. Now I am sewing the ends in, then I will crochet a nice boarder all the way around. Although nothing fancy, this blanket will mean the world to me.

We went ahead and made arrangements for Mums funeral but it had to be postposed due to the lockdown. Things are a bit up in the air at the moment as to when we can lay Mum in her final resting place.

I am having a bit of trouble adjusting back into my normal routine. My life has been on hold for the past seven months. Hopefully I can get my act together again and find my way back to living life once again.

I am helping take care of Dad. He is doing okay, and back living over the hills on their little ten acre property. Dad has a lot of adjusting to do too.  After being married for 63 and a half years, there is a big empty space in his life. My parents always did things together and were almost inseparable.

Rest in perfect peace Mum. 

Love you forever and beyond xxx

"You saw me take my first breath, and I saw you take your last."