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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Winter Wood, Hobbies and Fluffy Chickens

Its that time of year again. 
Time to get the log splitter out and get our wood ready for Winter.

Hubby has collected some big logs over the past few years and this saves us so much money. I think the price of a tonne of wood is $130 and you don't get much for that price!

 The wood shed is now full again.  Enough for two years burning.

Hubby has a new hobby.  He has restored this 1914 rifle back to its original glory.  He has done a fantastic job! This rifle was owned by hubby's grandfather.  He did not fight in the war, but came by this rifle later and used it on their farm. It would be very interesting to find out its full history. The original solder who this rifle belonged to would be good to know...

From this...
To this...

See our new additions?

We were gifted these two cuties.  
They were given in exchange for fertile eggs from our girls.

 Two little silkie hens. I am yet to name them, but I am thinking Chinese names would be suitable, as this is where they originate from. The white girl is very forthright and the black girl is timid in nature. 

 They have settled in nicely.  
Our other chooks give them the occasional peck, but otherwise all is well in their world.

It is wet outside again today.  
Fire is on, the house quiet so a chance for some "me" time.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rain Drops,Puddles and Mandarins

We have been blessed with a generous amount of rain this week.

I never tire of pictures of rain drops and puddles.

Wet washing. 
I don't mind at all J

    This is our mandarin tree.
    It is absolutely loaded with clumps of mandarins and they are so heavy that the branches are breaking. 

    I have been picking quite a few already even though it is a little early.  Some of them aren't quite ripe, but I need to get the weight off the branches. 

    They are very juicy with a bit of tang.  A little while longer on the tree and they will be nice and sweet. 

    We juice these to have with our breakfast, much nicer than orange juice J

    I have picked three full buckets so far, each weighing roughly 8kgs and I cant even see where I have taken them from the tree.

    Do you have excess fruit? What do you do with them?  Any mandarin recipes out there you would like to share? 

    I am hoping to try Mandarin Cheesecake J


    Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Around here ~ Winter colour

    I have been enjoying the colours of Winter.

     Winter does not have to be dark and dreary all the time.

    Take a look around and there is colour everywhere.


    We have had rain. Lots of rain!

    So far 33mm (132pts) with still more to come.  For the first time in ages I didn't get my washing dry, but I think I can live with that little bit of inconvenience.  I don't own a dryer so I have relocated the soggy washing to underneath the verandah and the smaller items are drying inside by the fire J

    After much thought, I have started another blog.  It will be mostly about homemaking, so if you want to follow along come on over
    I will be keeping Out Back blog for the time being J

    Have you had rain at your place?