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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

rainy day in pictures





As you can guess today has been wet. Again!

Another 20mm {80points} and a very cold 14C {57.2F}. The rain has been wonderful! There may be a little more tomorrow. Every plant has been refreshed after a nice good drenching over the past six days, including the weeds! All up we have had 46.5mm {186points, nearly 2 inches}.

Most of today was spent inside apart from sorting out some thyme to dry, and planting the tiny beetroot seedlings in between showers. My grand babies spent the afternoon playing and eating, and tonight the fire has been lit for the first time this year.

I do hope you have had some of this beautiful rain.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

the rain is back

We woke up to a rainy morning, and it wasn't really something we expected until the afternoon.  So needless to say we didn't worry about checking in on the bees, we will do that on the next sunny day which is supposed to be Monday.

It was meant to be 24C {75F} today, but it didn't get much above 17C {62F}. And although it rained most of the day it did not register a lot in the gauge. We only took out 5.5mm {22pts}. Tomorrow is forecast to be another wet day. Everything in the garden and around the yard is loving all this rain. The seedlings I put in yesterday are growing already. Perfect timing to get them in the ground.

There wasn't a lot I could do outside today, but I did rip up some newspaper to add into the garden pots with the soil and I filled one more large pot.

I have to cut back on the bad carbs and sugar due to stomach issues flaring up. It would be to do with all the baking I have been doing. Its not the baking, its the eating of that baking!! It must stop! So today I made some date protein balls, this is what I will have with a cuppa.

Phil has been busy digging out the mulch from this area and putting crusher dust down for the hive to sit on. Eventually we will move all the hives to this location. We have done this to try and stop wax moth and hive beetle making themselves at home in the hives.

Skiffy rain.

By the end of the day the rain had gone.

There were a few heavy clouds passing along the nearby hills.


A nice pretty sunset to finish off a perfect wet day.

A little video of the rain.

Its a baby sitting day for me tomorrow. First the grand dog, then in the afternoon my two little grandies.  I haven't spent time with the littlies for quite a while during this isolation, so it will be lovely to have them around.

Did you get some rain? I believe it is fairly widespread.


Monday, April 27, 2020

day by day 25.04.2020 - 27.04.2020

I crocheted some simple poppies to hang on my door for ANZAC day.

I put one onto a jar with a candle, and burned this most of the day and night in remembrance.

I wore one.

And made ANZAC biscuits.

Saturday night we received more rain! Another 13mm {52points/half inch}. It was a hot humid day leading up to the rain 33C {91.4F}.

I pulled out the rest of the beetroot on Sunday.  I have bought more seedlings to go in. I love how this vegetable grows all year round, I grow some for me and some for my mum. These ones were for mum.

Clouds hanging low over the hills when travelling to my parents yesterday.

Today was wood chopping day. The cold weather is hitting here this week and hopefully there will be even more rain. Definitely time to get wood ready for the winter fire.

This pile to get through yet.

Phil planted trees and shrubs in this new section of garden. The flowers on these will help the bees.

A forming succulent flower.


The cucumber is growing.




Tiger tomatoes.

Cucumber flower.





Baby spinach.

Bok choy.


Garlic chives.


Unknown tomato plant.

Young kale. I have added a pot to the middle to which I added food scraps to feed the plants.  This is a new experiment.

My first radish.

Today's pickings.

Tiny daisy.

Those skies were back today.

Such a beautiful clear day. There is water in the salt lake.

I trimmed back the lemon balm and lemon verbena.

Planted out the lettuce and more baby spinach and placed these covers over to protect from the birds.

I chopped back the oregano ready for drying.

I sat and stripped all the leaves off.

Then placed into the drying rack.

I also pick some more basil for drying.

Tomorrow we will checking the bee hives and possibly taking out more honey. They have certainly been busy lately.

Our state of South Australia has had five days with no new cases of Covid-19, this is good news. Schools have gone back and some restrictions will soon be lifted if we continue to keep the number of cases low. We will need to keep practicing social distancing, washing hands etc for the time being and probably well into the future.

How was your Monday?