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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At Home

first crop...
Cut up
with the slicer my dad made...
stewed and ready to be frozen for later use...

with sponge topping...
taking off, even though slowly...

The heat has set the garden back...
only one plant left.
are doing well,
the third year of crop from these plants,
with self sewn tiny tomato plants popping up everywhere...
picking plenty of these...
Silver beet,
getting there...
spectacular rainbow...
in full beauty...

Sunset from last night,
temperature soared to 47C (116.6F) yesterday...
Cool change today with 36C (96.8F).

More hot weather on the way, Summer has arrived!

Happy AUSTRALIA DAY to all my Aussie friends,



  1. Lovely! Love the apricot slicer!!

  2. Hi Tanya, the apricots look yumm, I have just done peaches that were given to me and this time i put them in jars for a change,so far working well. Your garden is looking good we had 45 yeaterday and forcast for the same today.Enjoy your Australia Day off .Carole xx

  3. Happy Australia Day, Tania & family!
    OMG 47C!!! Hope that cool change sticks at 36C!
    That apricot slicer gadget is fantastic and the stewed fruit - yummo! I have bought a couple of small batches of apricots and have been stewing them to put on our cereal. You'll enjoy them for months to come. I am amazed that your garden is producing anything, it must be such a hard battle.

    Its just a sunny clear day here, 24C forecast I think so I'm going to be a real sloth and try and do nothing.

    Enjoy the day,


  4. Oh, your apricots are WAY ahead of ours. Ours are still green. I'm sooo jealous!

    Enjoy! :-) (yum)

  5. Nothing like a champagne crust, from the green and gold is there??
    Love it, we grew up on it, made with stewed apricots, plums, apple....
    Fantastic crop...I wish I could swap you a few pots of my plums for your apricots!!!
    Wouldnt that be great?

  6. Whew! love those apricots.
    I still can't wrap my brain around the fact you're in summer and we're in winter even here in our desert! It's been pretty warm here, consistently in the 70F for the last couple of weeks. Perfect weather really. Our 116 days will be coming but not for a few months...I can wait.

  7. I really don't know how anything survives that heat! That's hot enough to melt your fingernails off! Great job with the apricots.

  8. The apricots will come in handy when the weather cools and you can have some great crumbles etc.
    Your garden is growing well considering the heat, it is not doing ours much good.

  9. Cor would ya look at them apricots! Wow! That slicer looks great! :D

  10. Cool slice - yummy sponge :-)

    Now I'm hungry...

  11. awesome crop of apricots tania !
    can't wait for them to come into season locally so we can do the same - our trees are a while off being that productive.

  12. Happy Australia day to you too, send some heat here please, we havnt had much at all.

  13. Great crop of apricots, love the sponge. Your garden is looking great with all that heat. Happy Australia Day.

  14. Happy Australia Day! You're home grown fruit and veg are to die for! They are amazing - I wish my garden grew like yours :-) Sam xox

  15. The apricots look wonderful. Love the slicer. You sure are getting some lovely looking produce from your garden. I'm longing for summer here in North Carolina. Happy Australia day to you and your family. Take care.

  16. Hi Tanya,
    So glad I stopped in today to catch up on happenings down in S. Austrailia. Your produce looks lovely and seems to be coming along well this year.
    We will begin planting our garden in about 1 month - Your photos have put me in the right mindset for gardening.

  17. I grew up on an orchard in the Adelaide Hills and each summer my mum stewed anything she could get her hands on, including apricots. In summer we had stewed fruit with ice cream and in winter with sponge topping!

    Hot, I shouldn't complain about our heat as yours is far worse.

  18. Everything looks absolutely lovely. It's so nice to see productive gardens this time of year, while we're all up here freezing. Even so not too sure I'd want that much heat!

  19. Hi Tania, i hope the weather cools down for you soon, it's not very pleasant. After having days of mid forties it has dropped to mid thirties but very muggy with this rain. The worst is yet to come this afternoon, the wind is picking up now. Enjoy your nectarines, ours would not ripen for some reason this year. Watch out for those ants, some of them have a really nasty bite, potentially a serious bite sometimes.
    Take care in that heat

  20. I see your garden is fenced. Here in West Virginia we have to keep out the deer. What's the main threat to your gardens there?

  21. In answer to your question Gorges Smythe;

    The main threat to our garden would be our free range chickens, the odd kangaroo and rabbit and the family dog. The chickens demolish any garden that I have lol. The windy weather also needs to be kept out. It is very hot here today (45C/113F) with a scorching hot wind, so the tin helps to stop the plants from being burnt to a crisp.

    Thank you for following along...


  22. Impressed!!! If only my green pawpaws would look that colourful.

  23. Love the pictures! Everything looks gorgeous! So nice to *meet* you! :D I'll be reading! :)--S


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