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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's HOT!

Blogger is not being nice to me today. 

I have tried to download twenty plus photos, but they wont publish for some reason, so here are just a few...

As you can see it is very hot here.
49C (120F)
and it will be like this all week.  

There will be a slight bit of relief on the weekend but hot again next week.

Trying my best to protect the veggies...

 Seems to be helping...

Not a pretty sight though :)

I have made some tomato relish...

And we are picking our nectarines.  Because of the heat they are a little early this year.  I am stewing these and putting in the freezer...

Not much happening here on the home front.  Too HOT to do much at all.

Hope you are safe and well where you are.



  1. That's hot!

    I am having problems with Blogger too. It often won't load photographs in the afternoon but lately I've had issues with the early mornings as well.

    You're doing well to keep your vegies going in the heat. I'm busily freezing water to put into chook bowls on really hot days.

  2. Wow you have it hot there! We came out of our 0 F degree cold spell and now it has been up above freezing for several days but still below freezing at night.
    Your tomatoes must have done good even with the high temperatures. I am thinking more and more about warm weather and will rebuild the hot bed, kind of a glass covered place to start plants. It is too muddy to get in the garden now so I have been storing manure in the dry over at the stable. The horse probably wonders what is going on with it piled up so high along his stall.
    Hope you cool off a little, blow a little heat this way!

  3. Sooooo Hot!!
    I'm feelin for you and the Zuchinnis. I couldn't function properly in that sort of temperature. Stay cool :)

  4. The Lord must be looking out for you. I don't know how you'd survive it.

  5. I don't envy you at all! Our really hot spell is over and it's much more pleasant in this neck of the woods right now.
    Lots of water ice blocks and our 5 litre water bottles filled with icy water for drinking got us through (and stopped the kids getting into the fridge all day!)

    xx Susan

  6. Wow that is unbelievably hot Tania! 40 was as hot as I could tolerate recently. It is amazing that your veggies survive at all. I haven't had any problems with Blogger as yet. Hope it comes good for you soon as I love seeing your photos.

  7. No Way!!! You poor things. Thinking of you.

  8. Goodness Tania 49 is just too hot. I thought it was going to be bad in Melbourne today with 43. It often gets to 46 in the summer at my mum's place in Western Australia in the but they've never had 49 that I know of. I do hope your veges survive these hot spells you are experiencing. Who cares if the coverings aren't attractive, saving all those plants you've put so much into is worth it. I hope you can be as cool as you can get.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  9. Wow! That temperature is incredible. The second batch of it too. You have my sympathy. I hope you have a plentiful supply of water.
    It is wet and cool here. Light drizzly rain mostly, but constant. Impossible to dry anything unless I use an air-conditioner or a clothes dryer.
    The monsoon has a lot to answer for this season.

  10. Holy Smoke, that's hot! I would not be able to function in that heat - you must be very grateful that inside is only 29oC.

    Your poor veggies too...

  11. Omg compared to you we are having a slight rise in temp! Stay cool we have a total fire ban declared for tomorrow so here's hoping no idiots start any fires.

  12. I was thinking of you today Tania when I heard the temperatures for SA. I hope it's cooling down a bit at night.

  13. Hi Tania,
    I was having major problems getting pics to publish last week up at the farm too, maybe Blogger just doesn't like the heat. Gee I hope it cools down a bit for you over there, and it runs out of steam before it hits us,I just don't cope well with it any more. Vegies look good considering the heat. Try and keep cool,
    Cheers Jane.

  14. If it was that hot here, it would be a national emergency and the government would be running around opening "chilling centers" for the homeless.

    I don't see how you survive. We are expecting snow tonight and again Friday.

  15. Oh my goodness I just cant imagine that heat ... think I would shrivel up and die!
    Do take care x

  16. Terrible extreme heat. Hope the patch survives. My Toms and capsicums burned severely when Qld had our awful temps.

  17. Great looking garden! Try and stay cool....

  18. oh tania that's so hot!!! Stay cool and do as little as you can,good luck with the garden,Mines suffering and Im about5 degrees less than you.xx

  19. I will take some of that heat off your hands. Your 114 F and my 39F makes an average of about 77F. That sounds good to me.

    Your plant cover is doing the right thing so it is not unsightly, just some working sheets. (or something)

  20. Oh man, I feel for you. 120 is LAME!! On the bright side the veggies are looking great. Hopefully the water bill isn't a crusher. Hang in there!

  21. You still alive down there? I am beginning to be afraid the heat got you all!

  22. Yes still here Harry. Never before in my lifetime have I experienced heat like we have just had. It broke records, and we still have a bush fire burning nearby. Hopefully we will get some rain this weekend to put the fire out. Garden has survived, but this is the last year I will be growing veggies...

    I will be doing another post soon :)

  23. Are you all still alive? I dread I will see a news article about an Australian family found all desiccated and mummified from the heat there. Wish you were here, it's been single digits and hideous snow on and off for three weeks now.


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