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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Port Lincoln = Makybe Diva

Port Lincoln, I love this town and this is going to be my seachange one day and hopefully that is not too far away. Everything is so green and it rains regularly, which I could learn to live with.

The people there are also very friendly and tend to come from everywhere in South Australia to retire or enjoy the different lifestyle. Port Lincoln is the home of tuna fishing or fishing in general and the town where Australian Olympic Weight lifter Dean Lukin comes from. There is a deep sea port for when grain ships come in to get their load for overseas export. There is a large lot of grain silos for the storage as well.

Below is the newly erected statue of the famous Melbourne Cup winner Makybe Diva. This fabulous horse won this prestigious cup 3 years running. She is now retired. Her owners live in Port Lincoln. The statue is positioned on the front foreshore for all to see.

Our friends Bill and Cindy were kind enough to take us out in their boat for look around the Marina and surrounding area and to do some fishing. The weather was a bit cold but this didn't deter us.
Jack helping to cast off.

This is a view of some of the houses heading into the Marina.

Picture of a nearby island, I think it is called Boston Island.

Some boats moored in the Marina.

Some of the housing around the Marina. Some of these are really nice.

This bridge opens upwards to let yachts through.

The grain silos near the Port Lincoln jetty.

Rainbow if you look hard above the silos. We were a fraction too late getting this photo as the rainbow was really bright while we were driving along, but by the time we pulled over to get a photo it had faded.

School holidays have finshed for another term, so back to routine tomorrow.
Hope your weekend was an enjoyable one.

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  1. I hope you have a great week Tania.

    I think I saw Port Lincoln on TV once, and really liked it too.


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