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Friday, January 2, 2009

Gifts and Garden

I received some lovely gifts for Christmas this year. Lucky me.

This teaset was a gift from my eldest daughter, Sarah. We used it Christmas day as most of us are tea drinkers, it makes a nice cup of tea.

Outdoor setting from hubby and son.

Some much needed pyrex dishes complete with lids from hubby and son.

I have been spoilt well and truly.

The hibiscus is flowering profusely at the moment, probably because of all the rain we received a few weeks back.

Nectarines are almost ready.

Cucumbers in abundance.

Pumpkins coming along nicely.

It's a jungle out there.

We picked these a few days ago. 6.5 kilos of cucumbers, and 1.1kg of capsicum. The first Zucchini for the season as they had a slow start.

With all these cucumbers, I will be making some of Rhonda Jean's bread and butter pickles very soon. I made these last year and they turned out well and were a great hit with hubby.

I have nearly finished giving my house an overhaul. I cleared out the pantry and re-organised it a couple of days ago. I needed to make room as I couldn't fit anything else in there. Plenty of room now. I will be washing down walls etc shortly.
Glorious weather here at the moment, I guess the hot weather is coming soon!
I just had a look on my old post and this time last year we were sweating our butts off, with temperatures in the 40's (104F plus).
We have had a couple of slithery friends in our backyard here this past week. Only young Brown snakes, about 1 -2 feet long, but still deadly. I nearly stepped on the second one while outside, but at least I scared it before that happened and it disappeared under our rainwater tank really quickly.
xx Tania


  1. Happy New Year, Tania

    I've been looking at photos on lots of my Aussie blog sites and it would seem do live in the lucky country.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I think the outdoor setting is lovely and the nectarines. Enjoy!

  3. Happy Christmas Tania, wow your presents are great. Congratulations. The outdoor setting is gorgous. lovely to see the vegies growing.

  4. It's so nice being spoilt every now & then. Your gorgeous new tea set goes well with the outdoor setting .... don't forget to take 'time out' during the year and enjoy your gifts.
    Happy New Year!
    God Bless,
    Elena :)

  5. Wow, I have only had one brown snake in 13 years. Glad you did not step on it. So hot up till today, so I imagine you must have had a heatwave. Today is wonderful. I will bake today. Do you bake in the hot weather as well?

    Your presents looked as though people had put a great deal of thought into them.


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