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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More of Spring from our place

Introducing Murray the little colt...
Recently born on my daughter's property...
Their two cheeky little doggies, Oscar and Lilly...
Chookens having a scratch around...
lots of dirt bathes at the moment.
Sometimes I think these chooks can be too tame,
they tend to take over the place...
We feel like the pied piper when we venture out into the yard, always closely followed by the chooks.
We had another thunderstorm...
It dumped 10.5mm (42pts)in a few minutes...

Blue sky in the background,
beautiful sunshine followed...

We are enjoying the ripe quandongs (wild peaches)
these are very healthy containing Vitamin C.
Orange blossom...
Nectarine blossom...
just a nice bright yellow flower...
(Sideways again, sorry)
this is what I found recently on the kitchen bench...
how sweet,
a message from hubby :)
Hope you are enjoying life where ever you are,



  1. Murray is such a cutie!! Good to see the rain too.

  2. Your quandongs look great - I've never ad fresh ones only ever some condiment thing.
    But what a dump of rain - how did your new veg patch design fair ?

  3. Hi Tania,everything looks lovely it is proof spring has sprung.Our chooks are the same they would come inside if we let them but having George our Cockatoo inside is enough poo to mop up lol.I have been off the planet a bit with health but a little surprise will arrive soon,i will get it to you next week.Hvae a lovely weekend,your hubby is a romatic fella that was so sweet.Carole xx

  4. Nice to see you are getting some rain! The gardens will be loving it!We had 47 mil in one day!!And the last few days have been overcast and the odd spit..
    Murray is very cute :0)And chookens are the funniest things,lol.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I know what youy mean about the chooks running at you, mine do the same. I love this time of year when the world recreates itself and all the baby animals are born. I've never had a fresh quandong but I would sure like to -Another thing to add to the list!!
    Have a lovely weekend Tania

  6. There is nothing cuter than a foal! blessings!

  7. I liked the photo of the chook in the water. I have seen a few foals on our drives, I see glimpes of them, one was young and really cute. I got some quandong jam last weekend. A corner shop reopened and the lady sells jam etc. from Qld. where she was recently living. Enjoy those love hearts etc.


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