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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beauty Abounds in Nature's Gifts

Scenes from our back yard

There are gentle signs of Spring...

The beauty of nature always astounds me...

 Stop and take a look around....

It is looking gloomy here today but things should look brighter when we warm up to 24C for a couple of days next week.  The warmer weather is slow to arrive this year...

Wishing you a lovely fun filled weekend, 



  1. Pretty pictures Tania. Some flowers I only see in conservatories around here, not in our yards! Like the bird of Paradise. Is that an olive tree? We are nearing the end of summer here, but it will be hot until Halloween at the end of October..and really, our spring was only four months ago, so I find it neat to see you going into spring. love,andrea

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Those would be the quandongs (wild peach) you are referring to. This plant is indigenous to Australia, so only found here. It doesn't grow in all of Australia, mainly in the arid areas. The fruit will turn bright red and then it is edible. This tends to be a sour fruit to taste, but very good for you as it is loaded in vitamin C. We pick and stew the fruit and make pies, crumbles etc with them. Wish I could give you a taste. Best described as similar to rhubarb when cooked up...


  3. There is lots of colour there when you look for it. Our yard here in Queensland looks decidedly autumnal 'cos all the deciduous trees are finally yellow and the leaves are falling just before the new ones emerge!

  4. God's palette is always beautiful is it not?
    Thanks for sharing Tania! Days are getting shorter here and we are already planning Autumn (and Winter) here on the Pacific NW coast...

  5. Such beautiful flowers. I love them. Are those kalanchoƫ's ?? We have them as houseplants here in The Netherlands ; )
    Have a great day.

  6. Beautiful Tania! So strange to see spring beginning there whereas we are headed into autumn. Enjoy the warmer weather!

  7. What a lovely blog you have! I'm your newest follower! So glad we found each other. . .


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