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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today in the Veggie Patch

This weeks pickings included
zucchini's and burpless cucumber...

~Out in the garden~

 The morning sunshine...

Looks like a nice day ahead...

 sweet potato vine is escaping...

Queensland Blue...
I planted seeds from last years pumpkins and they have germinated successfully.


Rock melon, 
or as we call it "sweet melon"

 Eggplant is getting bigger...

so are the capsicum...
I have planted a rock melon seedling in the middle :)

Onions and leeks almost ready to harvest...

 Sweet corn and apple cucumber...


 Amish Ox heart tomatoes...


From this plot, I have pulled out the Brussels Sprouts as the aphids were getting out of control.  
No sprouts = no aphids!
There are a couple of poor broccoli plants left behind that were buried among the sprouts.  Hopefully they can grow properly now.  I have also planted some watermelon seedlings in there too.

I dont think the soil is quite right in this plot. The plants tend to go yellow, but the cucumber is still growing and producing.  The plant in the middle is a self sown Nectarine tree.  Will need to dig it out soon and put in a pot for relocation...

Baby burpless...

 Last seasons carrots, with the new seedlings sown for the next crop...
A bit later I will be putting more seeds in the  spaces...

Mixed variety plot of
spring onions (that need removing), broccoli, cucumbers, a watermelon seedling 
and one lonely beetroot...

Another mixed plot with more potatoes, spring onions, apple cucumber, last years capsicum, a tomato plant and two sad strawberry plants...

 Self sown tomato plant...

 Dwarf beans...

The little beans are just starting to show...

 The zucchini's are growing and producing really well.  I would say I have picked twenty of these already... I go out first thing each morning and pollinate the flowers...

This plot has celery, silver beet, rhubarb and a cucumber plant in there somewhere...

 Broccoli and silver beet...

Have picked most of the lettuces...
and planted a couple of rock melons seedlings in here...

 I have managed to get a couple of ox heart tomatoes seeds to sprout! 
My mum gave me some seeds as she had great success in growing them.
Hope I dont kill them now...

We have had some very interesting weather with very hot days that were followed by a fantastic storm that passed through the other night.  Lightening, thunder and a bit of rain.  The rain gave the garden a much needed boost.  Thankfully we managed not to lose any plants in the hot weather or the storms.

What are you growing in your garden? Do you grow your own veggies, or do you prefer flowers?



  1. Your veggie garden looks amazing Tania. I keep showing my Hubby your photos saying that if you can grow things where you live then we should be able to make our garden thrive lol......When he returns from his trip to Perth tomorrow night I will show him your latest post and it may be enough to spur him on to get the dirt/compost etc to fill up our newly put together veggie plots so we can actually plant something!!!

  2. So jealous! Your season is well ahead of ours. My cucumbers are still only the size of your pumpkin seedlings. As for melons, it really is almost impossible to grow them here and it is one thing I would love to have growing. Never mind, will just put in more pumpkins instead! Love seeing your garden Tania.

  3. I know I've heard of 'burpless' cucumbers before for it still makes me giggle. I've never had a cucumber make me burp...

    Garden is looking great as always, you must get such a lot from it.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Oh my your veggies look so wonderful! Nothing is growing here at the moment but your post sure makes me long for spring.

  5. Im always amazed that you have your Winter veg still producing, Kale etc and picking cucumbers already! You seem to have a real mixed lot there, beans even!!!
    When will you put the shade across Tania.?..I know alot of bloggers have been talking about not being able to grow in the really hot Summer, and what they can do to fix it....but I think you are doing really well, seeing as you dont have any trees shading that vegie area...

  6. Garden's looking great, we had a good session last Sunday and I'm trying to summon up the energy to go take some photos like yours, but I'm a bit hot and bothered after chasing our stoopid sheep around so they could be sheared! They got out of the holding yards...I just keep reminding ourselves of how good they taste! :D

  7. Hi Tania

    I show The Farmer photos of your garden too!! You are doing such an amazing job. I am quite quite jealous!


  8. Ma, you might have to check your companion planting: Apparently that can help with the aphids. We have nothing like that in our veggie patch at the minute (and fingers crossed it stays that way!).
    ~S. xo

  9. Your vege garden is stunning, such variety. I would have a bigger vege garden if I could but the sunlight is limited in the backyard even in summer. In winter there is no direct sunlight and very cold weather does not make for a good vege patch. In my small summer garden I have planted dwarf beans, lettuce, two tomatoes, parsley and basil.
    Anne xx

  10. your garden is looking great Tania. Mine isn't looking too bad now that I replaced everything the chooks ate last week!!! I'm pulling garlic and carrots this week.

  11. Gosh Tania your garden is amazing makes ours look pittiful lol.Everything looks so healthy and strong well done,we found the same with our broccoli must be they attract the little blighters lol.Thankyou for your lovely comment,it is nice to feel we have done the right thing.

  12. Fabulous. I love the fact that you do all this work in the most challenging of conditions. Every bed is so neat and well cared for.
    I agree with the comment about companion planting to control pests. Where some of these little animals come from beats me, but they are a constant threat to healthy food for us. Better to combat the pest rather than lose food.

  13. Your garden looks so neat and orderly, just lovely. I especially enjoy the photos because my summer garden is finally done.

  14. things are looking so good at your place

  15. Yeah the male zucchini;s have been getting used every morning. Tania's garden looks good.

  16. All of your seedlings seems to be doing really well. Too bad about the brussells sprouts and the aphids. Those are a holiday favorite for me. Don't you just love the squash blossoms?

  17. I did a post on my vege garden yesterday as well. Mine is in between at the moment as I have just put new seedlings in.
    Your vege garden is looking fantastic and is a credit to you in your conditions...Happy Gardening

  18. wow you grow a lot! It all looks so lovely and healthy too.

  19. what a super veggie garden you have got, I love the raised beds a lot easier on your back.

    Cucumbers never make me burp either!!

    Gill in Canada

  20. Tania you garden is looking wonderful! I've just planted zucchini and cucumber so was surprized to see you harvesting - our climates are very different even tho both in southern hemisphere aye.
    Love Leanne

  21. hey Tania your gardens looking great and those little seedlings nice and healthy, always a joy when seeds germinate hope those Ox hearts grow well for you.
    We have been experiencing a very hot & dry November luckily a storm this week with some much needed rain.
    Have pulled half of my garlic and will wait till its dry again for the other half. I am trying some new varieties of veg this summer,3 different eggplants,chillies, red snake beans, cucumbers and asian greens.The usual tomato varities, Roma,RuDe Marmande, yellow pear,cherry, and this year Ox heart so i will be interested to see how yours preform.Beans,potatoes,herbs and lots of lettuce,strawberries not to forget the fruit trees,
    Boy we will be eating like Kings if everything produces well !!!!!


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