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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Weekend for Revheads continued...

This post has lots of photos J

After the car show we went to a nearby town about forty minutes away...

Some pictures of the scenery along the way...

 Below is one of South Australia's road safety signs,
This method is designed for our young ones, as there are too many deaths on our roads.  

 Near Port Augusta there is an Army Training Facility
(Cultana Army Base).
I believe the terrain is similar to Afghanistan.

"The tanks"
No longer used for water storage.
The public have been allowed to put graffiti on them...

 Oh look, it's my car J

And this is what we came to see.

Monster Trucks!

 The Tassie Devil representing the USA J

 The Crusty's monster...

It was not Thunder from Downunder's night...He broke down early on...

Three Crusty Demons...

Warming up...

Jet engine powered four wheel motor bike...

So fast and so loud!

They dropped a couple of wrecks from about 80 feet off the ground...

Crusty Demons doing what they do best...


I am glad that I am not their mother, I can barely watch J

 Outback Thunda off and running again J

 And the race is on!
Aussies verse the USA...

Uh oh...


Aussies lose again...

 And to finish off the day was this
fantastic outback moon rising J

Revheads is a term that Aussies use, we do a lot of that.
More Aussie Slang words HERE  J

Well that's it for our weekend adventures...

Hooroo J



  1. Tania, I wouldn't want my child to be riding those motor bikes either. It is amazing what they can do but they don't seem to hurt themselves too often from what I gather. You must have had a great weekend!

  2. Those guys must make a lot of money to tear up their machines like that, I can barely afford fuel for mine.

  3. I love those moon pictures Tania. Living in a small valley, I never get to see the moon looking like that.
    Scary stuff on the bikes.

  4. Tania, that's an ace post. Looks like lots of people have a bingle at those events!

    I speak Australian!

  5. What a full on day.
    Glad you had a great time, fantastic photos

  6. I have been reading your blog for a while. I never put 2 and 2 together until now. We have just moved to Roxby and are travelling through your neck of the woods today...small world.

  7. What a totally cool day, Tania! Thanks for the slang link; I love stuff like that.

  8. My son would have loved this.
    The decluttering is going well. The dilemma is that many things are meaningful with family ties.. but we are fortunate aren't we?

  9. More lizard pictures! Your public awaits!!!

    I told my daughter about your lizards. She went on and on about maybe they were this, maybe they were that. Crested Dragons. Tugus.

    I said "they are big lizards."


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