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Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Love Autumn

With it's spectacular sunrises

And equally beautiful sunsets

The weather has been warm for this time of year. And there has been rain, so that is a good thing.  More rain is expected tomorrow J

Do you have a favourite season?



  1. Autumn is definitely a winner in my eyes. All of May down here has been fantastic - early twenties for most of it! I love the crisp mornings and evenings without it being really cold. But then, at my age, the cooler the better!

    So are you lovebirds honeymooning anywhere??

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. No honeymoon until end of October beginning of November :)

  3. I like spring just because winter is over but fall is warmer and better light for photos and is kind of a break between summer work and the start of the cold.

  4. It has just started snowing here - cold and colder! I like snow but not when the wall is mostly off for renovations in the bedroom and kitchen and bathroom.


  5. Oh gosh, it would be hard to choose. Maybe Spring, with the new growth, and mild temps. But I also love Autumn, and winter and summer. Guess I love them all!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Those are beautiful. We get that kind of sunrise and sunset here, but you have to be up on the ridge line to see the sky. The forest closes you in and blocks the view otherwise.

  7. My favourite season depends on where I am. When I am in Melbourne, autumn is far and away my favourite season. Melbourne positively glows in the autumn. I live in a semi-rural village in Derbyshire in the UK at the moment and my most favourite "season" here is late spring/early summer when the leaves are a new green and things are starting to grow and the birds are singing like mad and the daylight seems almost never to end.

    Congratulations on your marriage. May the birds sing and the light glow goldenly for you both all your days.


  8. That looks beautiful Tania! Spring used to be my favourite season when I lived in Europe. Now where I live in Central QLD I love autumn, winter and spring. I like the summer as well but it's mostly too hot and humid.

  9. Tania, spring used to be my favourite season until last spring started with a heatwave...here in our cool temperate region! So now autumn is my favourite and apart from one freezing weekend it has been a beautifully warm one too.

    Your photos are lovely by the way.

  10. When I was young, all I wanted was Summer. Now I like Autumn the best , those last warm afternoons , the leaves turning - yep it's my favourite.

  11. Autumn is definitely my fav time just love the bounty of harvest, the golden light for photography and the still mornings on the gulf.

  12. I love it too Tania. Those photos are amazing!!

  13. Here in Canada I love the Spring.. New beginnings and mild temps.. Love your pics..

  14. Hey Tanya, I was looking at your pictures and thought 'that looks like Port Augusta', then I saw Redbanks and Mount Brown. My family is from Port Augusta and I've spent many days holidaying at the shacks. I've got a farm blog if you're interested from home on Eyre Peninsula. www.broadacrebabe.blogspot.com


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